What tests pass our children?

About the contest "Russian Bear" is now widely spoken. Basically arguing - loudly, with mats and calls every dignitaries.
And children in schools at this time quietly pay 45 rubles, and pass the test, which, according to rumors, even the almighty Anatoly Wasserman stumped.
Articles and angry debate will not post, anyone can find them without any problems.
Offer a better look at simple tasks presented in the test)
And so, tests of the contest "Russian Bear - Linguistics for All".

Selected problems - Grade 2

4. Residents of a mountain village called the animal "Frog with a lid." What is this animal?
(A) a toad; (Beige; (B) of the eagle; (D) the turtle; (D) the snake.

25. In his youth Pushkin sometimes signed his poems pseudonym "Alexander N.k.sh._.". Which letter stood still missing?
(A) w; (B); (B) H; (D) n; (D) as well.

26. Lena Cole showed five words: cup, sculpture, book, bow, cat - and make a one of them. When she called Kole just one letter of the hidden word, Kohl knew how many letters in the word by Lenin, but could not guess the word. What letter named Lena?
(A) k; (B) L; (B) a; (D) x; (D) w.
Selected Problems - Grade 4

27. Macedonian language - one of the Slavic languages. Find the correct translation of the Macedonian verbs grgori, krkori, trtori, tsrtsori, chrchori:
(A) wheeze, chirp, chirp, growling, chattering;
(B) chirp, chirp, chatter, rattle, hum;
(B) rumble, rattle, chattering, chirp, chirp;
(D) wheeze, chatter, hum, chirp, chirp;
(D) chattering, wheezing, chirp, chirp, growl.

25. Janus - the first, Juno - sixth, Julius - seventh, August - the eighth. What is the name, which in this list must comply with the "third».
(A) Jupiter; (B) of Saturn; (B) Venus; (D) Mars; (D) Land.

Selected problems - Grade 6

7. Which of these words within the meaning of excess?
(A) ink; (B) salad bowl; (B) a sugar bowl; (D) Mardi Gras; (D) a powder box.

29. The Russian word of the week translated into Bulgarian language akin to Russian as the sedmitsa. And how is translated into Russian Bulgarian weekly word?
(A) Thursday; (B) Friday; (B) Saturday; (D) Sunday; (D) of Monday.

30. Archi language - one of the Dagestan languages. Given a couple of words on the Archi language with translation into Russian:

Al Betz - blind, Betz CES - blind;
Chula al - smooth, Chula CES - be smooth;
digit ac - destroy; digit CES - collapse.

How will Archi: bored, to grow, to stun?

(A) market CES dooIz ace, ace eInk;
(B) market ac dooIz ace, ace eInk;
(B) market CES dooIz ace eInk CES;
(T) market ac dooIz ace eInk CES;
(D) market CES CES dooIz, eInk al.

Selected problems - Grade 8

28. The names of the Hungarian poet Mihaly Vorosmarty - two letters e, and between them - even one letter. What is the minimum number of letters between the letter E may be of Russian origin of the word, writing together?
(A) 0; (B) 1; (AT 2; (D) 4; (D) Russian origin of words, in which he wrote more than one letter e, and there can not be.

30. The following are words and expressions in the modern Greek language:

ο Γάλλος - Frenchman;
ο Άγγλος μουσικός - English musician;
ο Ρώσος γιατρός - Russian doctor;
ο ρωσικός χορός - Russian dance;
η Γαλλίδα μπαλαρίνα - French ballerina;
ο Γάλλος μάγειρας - French chef;
η αγγλική κουζίνα - English cuisine.

How will modern Greek: French, Russian ballerina, an Englishwoman?

(A) η Γαλλίδα κουζίνα, ο ρωσικός μπαλαρίνα, η αγγλική;
(B) η γαλλίδα κουζίνα, ο Ρώσος μπαλαρίνα, η Αγγλική;
(B) η γαλλίκα κουζίνα, η Ρωσικήδα μπαλαρίνα, η Αγγλικήδα;
(T) η γαλλική κουζίνα, η Ρωσίδι μπαλαρίνα, η Αγγλίδι;
(R) η γαλλική κουζίνα, η Ρωσίδα μπαλαρίνα, η Αγγλίδα.

Selected problems - Grade 10

26. At the beginning of the last century poets gather in a St. Petersburg cafe, invented poetic form "boranaut." Here is a fragment of "boranauta" contemporary author V. Bayliss:

Once Boranaut at Frankfurt airing came ashore.
Passion he said Tubo! wound of loss hurts.
After I went to the (...) and in the morning, suffering, tired,
Praying God, the cathedral in morning began.

Restore the missing word.
(A) bar; (B) the fight; (B) boron; (D) the garden; (D) path.

29. Given the name of professions: a potter, a stoker, painter, turner. Which of them in the course of Russian history have lost the sound [p]?
(A) is a potter and fireman; (B) a potter and painter; (B) the stoker and Malaria; (D) the stoker and Turner; (D) a painter and turner.

30. Russian writer of the XIX century Titov wrote under the pseudonym Titus cosmocrats. What was his real name?
(A) Alexander; (B), Vladimir; (B) Kuzma; (D) Damian; (D) Constantine.


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