Diesel scandal: who scored

Volkswagen is not the only automaker that needs some explaining to do.

According to new figures published in the Guardian, the new diesel cars are Renault (EPA: RNO), Nissan (TYO:7201), Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat (NYSE: FCAU), Volvo (OTCMKTS: VOLVY) and other manufacturers show a significantly higher level of contamination in trials in realistic driving conditions.

A study conducted by Adac, the largest automobile organization in Europe, shows that when using alternative standard that must be entered at the end of this decade, in the exhaust of some diesel cars are able to detect more than 10 times more nitrogen oxides than was revealed during the tests taken now in the EU.

Caught the hand In the Adac petrol cars drove through the existing laboratory test adopted in the EU (NEDC), and then compared the results with those of the second test developed by the United Nations (WLTC), which, although also held in the lab better reflects real driving conditions. WLTC needs to be introduced in the EU in 2017.

According to Adac, the highest level of emissions showed:

  • Nissan X-Trail 1.6 cDi, the level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases which was 14 times more than the WLTC test. Nissan spokesman said: "We can say that definitely favor the protection of the law and compliance standards in all markets".
  • Emissions Renault Espace dCi 160 Energy discovered more than 11 times more nitrogen oxides than when the test WLTC. Model Grand Scenic and the most expensive was also in the top ten in terms of emissions. The representative of Renault Group said: "Renault Cars meet all the standards and legislation of the markets in which the company operates. His vehicle is not equipped with any devices that can interfere with the control of emissions."
  • Adac found that the exhaust Jeep Renegade 2.0 is 10 times more oxides of nitrogen.
  • Among other cars, the exhaust gases which contain at least six times more nitrogen oxides than show the official test, Hyundai i20 1.1, Fiat 500x 1.6 and Citroen DS5 Hybrid4. Press Secretary Hyundai says: "Hyundai Motor adheres to established rules and testing methods in each region where it sells cars. including in Europe." Citroen, Fiat and Jeep did not respond to requests for comment.
Reinhard Kolka, head of the division of tests and technical issues in ultra-modern test center Adac in Bavaria, told the Guardian:

"If all cars had answered [the official limits of the EU's emissions], we would avoid the worst health consequences. Every consumer has the right to expect that all manufacturers follow this. And yet, we see gross violations".

The scandal surrounding high levels of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles was sparked when it was discovered that Volkswagen (XETRA: VOW3), namely its brands Audi and Skoda, used in millions of cars special software to cheat the tests for the level of pollution. In the Adac analysis no accusations of fraud, but only a quarter of the 79 vehicles tested according to the standard WLTC, showed the result of appropriate official according to the existing EU test.

Peter MOK, team member of the International Council on clean transportation, which marked the beginning of the scandal around Volkswagen, says that the test center Adac "absolutely reliable."

However, he also says that the increased attention recently paid to the problem of inaccurate emissions data, causes him mixed feelings:

"I'm very happy, but I also feel annoyed because the data has long been enough, and many knew about the problem. The urban emissions are not reduced, as we expected — and could be reduced for a long time".

Unsatisfactory regulatory tests — the main cause of high levels of NO2 in many cities — it is stated in a recent report by the UK government. Professor Alastair Lewis, an expert on air pollution at the University of York, says:

"This has had incomparable influence. Price — thousands of deaths and billions of pounds of taxpayers".

The problem with the tests Expert ecologists for quite some time warned that with the official laboratory tests for emissions of nitrogen oxides have any problems — these tests could not restrict emissions in the real world. Greg Archer, an expert on emissions in the European Federation for transport and environment, said:

"Fraud and attempts to optimize tests in the industry everywhere".

A recent study conducted by the Federation revealed that 9 out of 10 new diesel vehicles actually emit into the atmosphere on average seven times more pollutants than the test results. But the report Adac for the first time provides a detailed list of specific makes and models.

Adac also noted Volvo S60 D4 whose emissions of nitrogen oxides were more than 14 times above the level obtained in the official test, but a spokesman for Volvo stated that in this particular case the car was faulty. He said:

"We're investigating the incident. The emission control system was defective."

Kolka says that the representatives of the Volvo was not contacted Adac and that the car would need additional equipment to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides to an acceptable level. The onboard computer also showed that the emissions of the Volvo V60 D3 is three times higher than official test level. A Volvo representative says:

"Every Volvo on the market meets the Euro 6 emissions NOx based on the current test."

European Federation for transport and environment argues that the Adac testing standard WLTC provide only a minimum estimate of the actual emissions in real driving conditions. Archer said that the EU should reinforce the WLTC tests tests in real conditions and to stop the practice in which manufacturers pay for the tests in centers of their choice. He explains:

"This test is more realistic, but still not fully representative. We continue to believe that data between test WLTC and emissions of a typical new car when driving there is a gap of about 25%".

Catherine Berger, MEP from the liberal Democrats, which is a leading speaker on the new EU law on air quality, says that the tests ADAC in need of revision:

"Adac tests show that the scandal of diesel vehicle emissions for the entire industry. We need urgent reform. It is not just about what customers are misled, and thousands of premature deaths due to air pollution annually." published


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