Rejuvenating and healing properties of the Golden mustache

Almost everyone who is engaged in farming at home houseplants familiar with such a plant called the Golden mustache. Any specific and special conditions it requires, gives a lot of shoots, actively growing, and that just decorates the windowsill.

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And the various parts of the Golden mustache used for making medicines that improve their health. In this article is some information on the healing properties of plants Golden mustache.Golden mustache has the scientific name is callisia fragrans, to us, it came from South America, and long time was used only as decoration for the interior. But research and practice of the people showed a very good effect of this plant to cure many diseases.

Medicinal properties of Golden usav the basis of the scientific evidence for high effectiveness of callisia fragrant fragrant in the treatment of diseases laid the results of the study of the chemical composition of this plant. It was seen the most successful combination of biologically active substances, including phytosterols, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Golden mustache its healing properties, first of all, I owe the flavonoids. Of these, Golden mustache has kaempferol, quercetin, catechins. The first two components are of a vasodilator effect. It is expressed in increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure. In addition to the use of kaempferol and quercetin also include diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidant and sedative effect.

Together with vitamin C, which in the Golden mustache is also sufficient these elements are much significantly boost immunity and free radicals to protect. Quercetin from kaempferol still have a rejuvenating effect on cells and tissues, protect against aging skin, myocardium of the heart and the cornea of the eye. Thus, Golden mustache (callisia fragrans) are really able to significantly reduce the risk of human heart disease, blood vessels and even the brain.

Phytosterols — these are bioactive substances that assist the body in the synthesis of adrenal hormones, sex hormones, vitamin D. They stimulate the body's immune system, break down blood bad cholesterol.

Pectins in the composition of the Golden mustache has given the plant adsorbent properties. Thanks to pectin, drugs of callisia fragrant fragrant bind cholesterol, toxic substances, heavy metals, and eliminate them from the body without giving them the opportunity for absorption in the walls of blood vessels.

The impact of the Golden mustache on the human organisms the fact that he has a unique medicinal properties, it has long been used by traditional healers as an antiseptic, antiviral, immunostimulant, and analgesic. But I must say that a standalone application made from a plant drugs may have a positive effect in strict compliance with established dosages.

Different compositions based on the Golden mustache will be a good auxiliary tool for the treatment of joint and spinal injuries. These funds aktiviziruyutsya good circulation, warm tissue, and bone metabolism processes. Damage to the blood vessels and torn capillaries, often arising as a consequence after contusions and hematomas, when using drugs from the Golden mustache recover much faster.

This plant will greatly benefit those who have cardiovascular disease. As already mentioned that certain substances in the composition of the Golden mustache is conducive to strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins, from the negative effects of free radicals protect the heart, bring blood pressure to normal.

People who have a high risk of disease of the nervous system, can fully feel the positive effects of Golden mustache. Cleansing toxins from the brain cells, improving circulation, inhibiting inflammation, Golden mustache protects a person from the appearance of fatigue, headaches, neurotic disorders.

It is also worth noting the beneficial effect of callisia fragrant fragrant for the treatment of all skin diseases, those diseases that affect the upper respiratory tract, getting rid of the viral infection.

Golden mustache — protivopokazannosti on all the positive medicinal qualities, the influence of the Golden mustache on the man are not yet fully understood. Therefore, the use of different means of this plant, it is recommended under the supervision of a specialist. Some substances in the Central us can be a cause of Allergy. This means that for the sake of security, first is to accept not more than ¼ of the recommended dose.

The effectiveness of traditional medicines has repeatedly proven. Everyone can grow it on the windowsill, almost the whole first aid kit that fits in one pot. The main thing to know is how to properly apply it without harm. Bless you.



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