Treatment lower back pain folk remedies

The most common symptom, often occurring in medical practice are back pain. In 80% of cases the patients complain of pain in the lumbar region. Most of this affects people aged 30-60 years. The emergence of such symptoms may occur for different reasons. There are primary and secondary syndromes pain symptoms.

When the primary symptom in the spine occur degenerative changes, which are: low back pain (lesion of the intervertebral disc) and spondylosis (arthritis of the intervertebral joints). Secondary causes can include: vertebral fractures, tuberculosis of the bones, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, disorders of the spinal blood circulation, intestinal obstruction, atypical appendicitis, renal colic, gynecological infectious diseases.


To ascertain the causes of lower back pain in the first place the person should consult a doctor. After diagnosis the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

You can also use folk remedies to facilitate the removal of inflammatory symptoms and have a sedative and analgesic effect. They need to improve the function of internal organs and normalize salt metabolism in the human body.

Before using the recipes of traditional medicine, consultation with a physician in order not to harm the health.

Treatment of pain in the lower back compresses

Folk medicine recommends to treat lower back pain compresses. Most often, they are warming, help relieve pain and inflammation.

1. On the patient's lower back you can apply grated horseradish or radish. To avoid burning, mix this mixture with sour cream. The top cover with cloth and tie a woolen scarf or scarf.

2. For hot compresses baths suitable infusion of chamomile, elderberry, St. John's wort and thyme. Such procedures are best carried out at night.

3. If you dissolve a tablespoon of mustard powder in warm water (about 40 degrees), you get a mixture, resembling the consistency of sour cream. This mixture need to smear the sore spot and warm. To keep the poultice should be no more than 5 minutes, so as not to burn the skin. Remember: all a hot compress does not have to bear the pain, high – heat tolerant and tingling. Otherwise, you will need to remove the poultice and wash the sore place with warm water.

1. The healing effect have the leaves of burdock. To compress you need to dry them, pour over boiling water and applied to the lower back. On top of the leaves of burdock wrapped in a warm woolen scarf, and hold the compress over an hour.

2. Use for the treatment of powder concoctions, diluted with olive oil in the ratio of one to thirty. From the resulting ointment should do a hot compress. Duration – a little less than an hour.

3. Good folk remedy for the treatment of back pain is horse chestnut. It ground to powder and mixed with melted lard and camphor oil. All components should be taken in equal amounts. A thin layer of this healing mixture is applied to a piece of black bread and apply to the affected area.

4. Of garlic do cold compresses. Garlic infusion mixed with lemon juice and the mixture soaked cotton cloth. The procedure of application of the poultice lasts twenty minutes: during this time the tissue has time to warm up to body temperature. After some time you will definitely feel better if you regularly repeat the procedure.

5. Popular remedy are the packs of dough. The waist is wrapped with a thick layer of gauze, and placed on top a thick (about 2 cm) layer of sour dough. Carry out the procedure should be daily before bedtime. The course of treatment is ten days.

6. It is also useful to lubricate a sore lower back honey. RUB it intensely, in spurts, to normalize blood circulation, restore muscle tone.


Pain treatment pharmacy ointments

What you need to know? Treatment for joint pain many self prescribed a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs ointment) on the basis of diclofenac without prior consultation with the doctor. These drugs are really powerful and effective, but cause many side effects to the stomach ulcers. That is due to the presence of side effects of NSAIDs cannot be used for a long time, and ideally they need to be alternated with warming ointments -harmless, but no less effective. For example, perfectly warms and relieves pain for All, suitable for long-term use and as a means of alternation of drugs NSAIDs.


Treatment lower back pain rubbing

Well help to eliminate lower back pain a variety of rubbing. To prepare medicinal infusions in the home.

For example, on the basis of Cologne "Triple" make liquid for grinding by adding one vial two vials three-percent solution of iodine, five red bitter pepper and two bottle of tincture of Valerian. The ingredients are mixed in a bottle of dark glass, carefully shaken and left to stand for 24 hours. Before bedtime is necessary to lubricate sore lower back with a tincture, or to draw a cotton swab to clean the mesh. Top loin wrapped a warm scarf or woolen scarf. Best of all, this remedy helps if the cause of back pain was sciatica.

Proven folk remedy that can cope with the pain, is alcohol tincture of eucalyptus or Adam's root. Useful to RUB alcohol tincture of burdock. This tool can be used for compresses.

To relieve lower back pain, can be applied to the affected area fresh leaves of horseradish, top zamatyvala with a handkerchief. Change them every day.


The treatment of back pain with a mixture of grated beetroot and kerosene

Take medium size beets, wash it thoroughly and dry. After that, together with the peel grate the beet on a small grater. The juice press, and the remaining cake mix with 1 tbsp. of kerosene. The resulting mixture evenly on a cotton cloth and apply the poultice where the pain is felt the most. To avoid burning between the skin and the mix must be cloth.

Compress applied over the film and a warm woolen scarf or handkerchief. Go to sleep and in the morning, the pain will be over.

Treatment with a mixture of egg whites, incense and soap

If you experience lower back pain apply on night compresses of a mixture of 1 bag of white incense, 1 tbsp pre-grated on a coarse grater soap and whipped into a thick foam of egg yolks in 2 pieces. Mix everything carefully. The mixture is applied to woolen cloth, which wrapped the loin. After several treatments you will forget about back pain.

Burdock leaf

To use this recipe the leaves of burdock can prepare for the future, thoroughly dry them under a canopy outdoors. Before use, the dry leaves sprinkled with warm water and gently straighten. They never store fat stacks, or they can Perelet.

For pain in the back or joints 3-5 leaves of burdock, previously moistened with water, diluted vinegar in the ratio 1:1, stack. The sore spot can be lubricated with any vegetable oil and apply to it all night compress. On top wrap woolen thick cloth. In the morning, after removing the compress, the skin should be wiped with a damp cloth or cotton wool. Usually after 3-4 sessions the pain recedes.

Treatment with mustard

If you experience lower back pain effective way to decrease may be the next people's recipe. Take 1 tablet "Furatsilinom" and dissolve it in 50 ml of water. Add the liquid 1 tablespoon of honey and mix well the mixture. Then dip in the solution turns mustard and apply them to the affected area. Keep the mustard plaster you need, how much you can endure. After removing the compress and spread the lower back cream or oil, cover with plastic wrap and tie the top of the thick woolen cloth.


Recipes from back pain

Рецепт1. For pain in the right or left side of the lumbar cook the ointment on the basis of horse chestnut. In this case, the melted fat (nutrak) and camphor oil is mixed with the herb horse chestnut, powdered. All the components are added in equal proportions. Ointment applied in a thin layer on slices of black bread and they are applied to the patient's lower back.

Recipe 2. When the pain in the loins moisten a cotton cloth or gauze in the tincture of horse chestnut and apply to the affected area. Gradually the soreness goes away.

Tincture Golden mustache. Pain in joints and lower back well removable tincture Golden mustache "Bishofit". For the preparation of drugs should be in 0.5 l of "Bishofit" to fill 35-40 milled sustavchikov plants and infuse for 14 days. Then strain the tincture and RUB the sore spot or make for the night compresses.



Using the above traditional recipes, it should be remembered that a banal back pain may be a harbinger of serious diseases of the pancreas, kidneys, reproductive system, bone tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on timely diagnosis and start of medication. Accurate diagnosis often requires close interaction between specialists in different fields. Do not self-medicate in order not to lose time, thereby causing even greater harm to your body. published

Author: Sokolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist


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