Anis. The benefits and healing properties

Anise herb the curative properties of which are studied since ancient times. If you look back to the stone age, you can find these same seeds were used by living people. The Mediterranean countries are the sources of this plant. Ah, such wise people — doctors, as Dioxide, Anise and Hippocrates were mentioned several times, the anise herb and its medicinal properties.

Anise should be attributed to cooking. This is one of the most common spices have a sweet taste and fresh aroma. For example, seeds can be added to salads, giving them additional benefits and umbrellas herbs anise perfectly suitable for cooking a hearty soup or soup, and porridge. Kids will love the taste of morning porridge, to which is added one of the components of the herb anise. It will bring significant benefits to the young organism, will give a lot of effort, a mess is a favorite kind of food in the morning for your children.

If cooking is applicable anise herb seeds in home are different parts of this plant. And fresh and dried species has medicinal properties.

Given that the anise acts as an excellent laxative, it is referred to means for diet and as a means to quick weight loss. However, it should be remembered that a small number of calories is the seed of grass, but not products made from it, for example, oil or bread. Yes, there are varieties of bread that can be eaten to those who are on a diet, but it is important to remember about a balanced diet.

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