Why is useful to have local products

When transporting products from far away used chemicals!

If you have to choose between the domestic fruit and vegetables and overseas, then you should prefer our own. And here's why.

In order to deliver plant perishable products over long distances, it must be protected from bacteria, fungi and other fruit enemies. Until we will reach the fruit from overseas, they will have time not only to Mature but to pereset (by the way, the ripening process occurs due to natural selection by the fruits of ethylene gas). And not to suffer economic loss, fruit suppliers overseas process them using various chemical additives.

For example, to slow the ripening of bananas, tomatoes and other perishable fruits treated with compound 1-methylcyclopropene. It was while processing this gas blocks the release of ethylene, and inhibited the over ripeness and spoilage of fruits and vegetables that are subject to long distance transport from abroad.

Source: agracultura.org/


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