25 culinary tips to improve your diet

How to culinary life brighter, easier and tastier? Memorize tough life hacking from our new review and use them in the kitchen! < Website publish for you 25 culinary secrets that appreciate each. They will help make your meal even tastier and healthier.

1. Bake

There are different ways of cooking. However, doctors and nutritionists agree on a common opinion: if you want to eat tasty, but healthy food, then give preference to bake. This will help keep all the benefits of your chosen meal. But frying best to minimize.

2. Cook broth

If you are not ready to completely abandon the frying, this layfak for you. Roast broth, and not on oil. It also has a fat, but a lot less. The broth can be frozen in the molds for ice - it is very convenient.

3. Note spices

Include in the diet of herbs and spices - it will help you make it much more diverse and more useful. Most of the spices have a positive effect on the body and stimulate the work of many agencies. In addition, they make the dish sparkle with new colors.

4. Do not forget about herbs

Green - is a valuable source of antioxidants and vitamins. Crumble it in the soup, serve with main course and add to the sauce.

5. Try aromatherapy

If the clock has not children's time, and you wanted to eat, you should once again think about the price of such frivolous antics. At night, the body, especially the stomach to rest and not to process food. Try to ignore the scent of vanilla. It discourages feast on sweets.

6. Buy Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is recognized as the safest for humans. It does not emit harmful substances in food, and it did not fly away from the microparticles. So if you can, then buy just such a dish.

7. Replace mayonnaise, yogurt

From mayonnaise is to give to all without exception. The store options are too many preservatives and flavor enhancers. Use yogurt or low-fat sour cream for salads and other dishes.

8. Cook the vegetables in boiling water

If you want to save a maximum of vegetables in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, then throw them into the already boiling water.

9. Add in green tea lemon

Lemon several times enhances the healing properties of green tea. Therefore, the pair must always be together. This drink strengthens the immune system, increases the body's defenses and removes toxins.

10. Experiment with breadcrumbs

Breading of flour - it is rich in calories and not very useful. Use your imagination and experiment. Excellent breading may be sesame seeds, chopped nuts, oatmeal, chickpeas and lentil flour.

11. Replace the milk chocolate to bitter

Of course, we should not completely abandon sweet. However, instead of milk chocolate, which contains in its composition only empty calories, eat bitter - it is much more useful. For example, stimulates mental activity and strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

12. Eat from small plates

Psychologists are advised to follow this advice to those who have problems with excess weight. When run out of food on your plate, your brain sends information to the stomach that the meal is complete. This will not overeat and control your diet.

13. Combine the fish with red wine

Everyone knows that fish is a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system. To several times to strengthen this positive effect, eat the fish, washed down with red dry wine.

14. Eat broccoli with mustard

Broccoli and its beneficial properties have been known for a long time. Especially this cabbage like those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. How to make this product even more useful? There broccoli with mustard.

15. Include in the diet of sesame

Sesame - a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. This product will help you raznooobraziya diet. Instead of calorie croutons in salads sesame. It is much more useful and interesting.

16. Diversify the diet of low-fat cheese

I do not know how to spice up a salad, without harm to the figures? Add low-fat cheese - feta or cheese. They have good taste and very high calorie.

17. Use homemade stuffing

If you want to cook delicious homemade cakes, try not to buy beef in a store. Cook it at home. Of course, it is longer, but is much more useful to the body, as you know, from what meat you make it.

18. Mix flour with other types

To become a useful baking, bake, not only from wheat flour. A little "play" with the recipe. Add wholegrain or other types of flour - muffins and cakes will be tastier.

19. Extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables

Unfortunately, fresh fruits and vegetables are not stored too long. To extend their life, a special compartment Cover the refrigerator with paper towel: it absorbs excess moisture and protects the fruit from rot.

20. Check the freshness of products

Do not forget that the use of substandard products harmful to your health. Unfortunately, the appearance of the product is not always possible to determine freshness. Check yourself. For example, the fish must be dipped in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it is fresh fish, and if not, by its use is better to abstain.

21. Add to the meat of the avocado

Avocado - a valuable source of healthy fats and very nutritious fruit. Add it to the meat. It will become less severe and easier to be acquired by the body.

22. Do not lean on salt

To reduce the intake of salt, do not add it during cooking. Salt to food is already on the plate.

23. Look useful alternative to sugar

Sugar should be either completely excluded from the diet, or to limit its consumption. At least because it reduces immunity to 17 times. Look useful alternative to this product - such as stevia and honey. For the preparation of baking can replace some of the sugar in the apple or pumpkin puree.

24. Use spray oil

In the eyes it is rather difficult to determine how much olive oil you need for cooking or as a salad dressing. We often overdoing and do not even think about it. Meanwhile, it is harmful to health. Use a spray bottle. Pour the oil there and you can control the amount of food consumed.

25. Cook cereals on green tea

It is not only original, but also useful. Experiment and try different options. Just add boiling water to a bag of green tea or pour water into the pan and tea in the ratio of 1: 1. Especially delicious is obtained Fig.

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