15 warm illustrations of spontaneous manifestation of love

Philip Rice (Philippa Rice) - a young artist from England, author of the collection of illustrations called "Sentimental." She was able to accurately display the beauty of everyday life together, and tell us a love story that happens between people in real life.

Website sure, in these works, each couple finds themselves.

Sometimes happiness - spend leisurely morning together. h3>

At go shopping. h3>

to drop everything just to cuddle. h3>

Help her in the kitchen. h3>

and collect the furniture with him. h3>

fun together, even if the day was a success. h3>

Or, if you are very tired. h3>

Even brushing your teeth together, and something fun. h3>

To fit closely together on the couch, you need skills. h3>

that possess only those who are really close. h3>

Happiness to sleep together. h3>

or chatting until morning. h3>

Have a "his" place. h3>

And just to be around. h3>

Photo source: © Philippa Rice

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