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Baptism in Iversky Monastery

Ayutthaya, Thailand. Demonstration "battle" between the two riding elephants, entertainment for the eyes of tourists.

Vatican. During the weekly audience in the auditorium of the Pope Benedict XVI. Circo Americano circus performers show their art of building the pyramids during a three-minute speech.

Haiti. Street trade on the ground, by candlelight.

New Delhi, India. Women work on the construction of the stadium Jawaharlal Nehru, who will have to take the Commonwealth Games in the Indian capital in October. Large-scale project has attracted migrant workers from across the country. However, construction is delayed.

Beijing, China. Demolition of the old district of the Chinese capital. Quick adjustment captures all new areas of Beijing for as cheap loans growing home buying and speculation in real estate.

Port-au-Prince, Master Raymond Matin carries a mirror, the survivors in the rubble of his barbershop.

Nuremberg, Germany designer Alexander van de Rostyne kisses with her toy helicopter Silverlit to the press before the opening of the 61st International Toy Fair

Christian Passover, the Jewish Passover, Islam's holy places. participation fee - 300 euros.

* Portrait of Alexander Slusarev. Author - Igor Mukhin. Moscow, 1988.

Ukrainian photographer Efrem Lukatskii works in Kiev bureau of one of the largest international information and news agencies of the world - Associated Press (AP), which was established 160 years ago, and today has about 800 correspondents. Ephraim was with American special forces, were arrested Saddam Hussein in the Iraqi city of Tikrit. In 2005 he became a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the war in Chechnya - the only Ukrainian in the history of modern Ukraine, whose merits were awarded by the jury awards the main reporter of the world.

rally at Triumph Square "guards" almost force drove protesters and photographing passers in the subway ...

China Tigers, meat, bus with tourists.

swimming in the hole

Vatican City, Rome. White dove flew into the window from which Pope Benedict XVI has just finished reading a prayer of thanks.

The Federal Security Service has canceled a ban on filming the Kremlin and Red Square, with professional photographic equipment, reports BBC News website. Remove the earlier ban personally asked President Dmitry Medvedev after a complaint blogger Dmitry Tarnovo. Today watched as plainclothes officers did not allow filming on Red Square three foreigners with professional video camera and tripod. The order has not yet been lowered down or indulgence made only for photographers and those who are with cameras still be chasing?

Alexander Orlov Art Strelka

Machu Picchu. Peru. The massive flooding after heavy rain literally washes away from the face of the earth streets of the town, located ryadm the famous ancient settlement. Hundreds of tourists blocked and forced to spend the night under the open sky.

Komsomolsk - on - Amur, Russia. The first flight of an experienced aviation complex of the fifth generation. The plane was piloted by distinguished test pilot of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan. The prototype of the PAK FA spent 47 minutes in the air and landed on the runway factory airfield.

Bear hungry and border guards fed condensed milk. Bear paw squeezed milk from banks, drank, and then fed the bears. 80s northern borders of the Soviet Union Hunger is not my aunt ...

From the official belodomovskoy shooting. Pete Souza. About Obama

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Teenager with an old doll.

Ukraine, Uman. Photos from Uman, where as every year Hasidim celebrating Rosh Hashanah.

Lecheria, Venezuela. Special police unit accelerates student protest against the closure by order of Hugo Chavez cable station RCTV, to criticize the government.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Fainting one of the guards, a few hours standing in the honor guard during a formal dinner for members and praviltelstva Parliament, which gave today the Danish royal family.

Kolomna, Moscow Region. Festival artistic fencing "Romance of the Middle Ages." Performances in other temporary categories: «XVI century - the present" and "out of time" are as indicative. Winners of the festival will be awarded prizes and certificates. All bands and singers are awarded diplomas. The festival is held under the patronage of the Russian Fencing Federation and the Federation of artistic fencing. Direct organizers of the festival are: the Moscow regional branch of the Federation of artistic fencing, the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Authority Kolomna, Military History Sports and Cultural Complex "Kolomna Kremlin" and the Center for Russian military culture "Svyatogor».

Kandahar, Afghanistan, and the Taliban Tabib or medical care under control. In August 1995, the Russian IL-76, and seven members of his crew, led by Commander Vladimir Sharpatova were captured by militants of the Islamic movement "Taliban" in the Afghan city of Kandahar.

The inmates of the colony. The other day, Ivanovo region

Leningrad region. In the confrontation City VS village last desperate loses. But oddly urban pulls back, some at rest, the other for the exotic, but in general for some kvaziekstrimom called "Nature» ...

The slopes of the volcano Haleakala, Hawaii, USA. rainbow in this picture - a night that arose as a result of refraction of moonlight mist particles in the area. Bright dot at the top of the left - the planet Mars.

The mouth of the Severn River, which flows into the Bristol Channel. United Kingdom. Surfers on the tidal wave (the bore) at the mouth of the river. The shape of the coasts is that the tidal wave here, quickly moving up the narrowing channel, gaining higher altitude, it is sufficient for surfing. The difference in water level on some days here reaches 16, 3 meters, ranking second in the world after the Bay of Fundy (Atlantic Canada) - where the figure reaches almost 20 meters.

Eureka / Salifornia, USA Breakwater in the Bay of Humboldt. Seagull eating starfish.

Punxsutawney / Pennsylvania, USA. Business as usual. Yesterday was Groundhog Day. Looks like he predicted cold spring. In Pennsylvania. On Russia, this might not apply.

"The notorious house on the street. Stankostroiteley 18. The center of the city. Located directly behind the Department of Social Development, in fact - the window in the window. Officials put to him his personal Mercedes, Toyota and Lexus. The house is still home to two families who survived this harsh winter hot flooding and as a consequence - a terrible evaporation in apartments, when the clothes get wet for 15 minutes, and get the camera does not make sense - still can not see anything. After numerous references in the urban rush tube television news still repaired. Now the house is not hovering and not on the hot pool. But people still live in it. And the officials, whose direct responsibility to protect society - twenty meters. Look in the window. Or they never look in the window? »

Fotovecherinka in "Vermelho"

Year in the thrall of the Taliban ... The picture was taken in Kandahar (Afghanistan, the year 1996) - to escape a few months ... Interesting fact: Sharpatov started in one flying club with the famous Kazan pilot hero Michael Devyataeva. Thus that escaped from a Nazi concentration camp. From the island of Usedom death named to "Heinkel-111" and saved SIRS 9 comrades ... These Fate and History-crossing intersections ...

Lions in the city center

New Delhi, India. At the parade in honor of the Republic Day - a national holiday in India.

Shanghai, China. A police officer at the offices of the city railway station.

Ankara, Turkey. Mehmet Ali Agca (Mehmet Ali Agca), the man who shot in 1981 in Pope John Paul II, released from prison after serving his full sentence.

Garron Point, Carnlough, Northern Ireland. Game before butchering hung on the clothesline.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lightning beat the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Author frame - Mahmoud Hamdan, student, amateur photographer (and a clear winner of the lens is longer than 14 cm :))

January 23 at the Trafalgar Square in London was held to protest against Article 44 of the Terrorism Act. In recent years, it had become too freely interpret the British law enforcement agencies, the cases of detention of photographers shooting the most innocent objects - churches, monuments and even a tent with fish and chips.

Beijing, China. Exhibition gold products in the Chinese capital. Offered to the public busts favorite leaders Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong made of pure gold.

Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia, Spain. Training teams before the start of the race 33rd America's Cup challenger BMW Oracle

Madrid, Spain. Fashion show at the Portuguese bench the International Tourism Trade Fair - International Fair of tourism services. The first row of the stalls.

Novosibirsk, Russia. Baptism. Hole on the Ob. Air temperature -30 degrees.

The southern part of the Negev, Israel. Israeli Air Force Helicopter rescues several drivers of flood waves.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti capital's streets at night.

Portland, USA. Team player The Portland Trail Blazers Andre Miller, chasing the ball, carry a camera crew standing at the edge of the field.

Supporters of the Communist Party had laying flowers at the Lenin Mausoleum on the day of the death of Lenin.

Moscow, Russia. Is the demolition of the village "boatman»

Istanbul. Turkey Thousands of people came to the building of the newspaper «Agos» to honor the memory of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink (Hrant Dink), who was killed in 2007 by a Turkish ultra-nationalist.

A suburb of Port-au-Prince. Haiti. Hire connected to the power supply of chargers for mobile phones.

Airport Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Passengers boarding at the US Air Force cargo plane flying away to Florida.

Maysville, Ky., USA Cardinal bird (cardinal) banishes from bird feeders, wren (wren).

This image was published on January 11, but made more April 7, 2008 Apparatus Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an optical illusion: the illusion of plant formations rising from the Martian surface. In fact, the dark bands - a scree darker sand dunes in the ridges.

Snow lumps on the inside of the ring road - as if spitting out of the wall, followed by the roar of engines and the smell of gasoline.


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