Charge mobilku can dance

Mobile operator Orange is going together with Gotwind present at the music festival "Glastonbury" charger that uses kinetic energy. In order to charge a mobile phone, it is enough to dance.

The prototype device weighs about as much as a phone. Its dimensions are comparable to the size of a deck of cards.

Dance charger is mounted on the arm. It consists of a system of weights and magnets providing electrical current directed into the accumulator. The latter, in turn, can be used to recharge the portable device.

This is not the only device that will display on the Orange "Glastonbury". Previously, the company promised to establish during the festival seven-generator producing electricity from wind energy. The generator can be used to charge mobile phones - for this phone should be put in a special cabinet.

"Glastonbury" - the largest music festival in Europe. It will be held in the UK from 27 to 29 June.


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