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Pop singer from South Korea PSY has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube — one of the clearest examples of how you can become famous because of one clip. The history of PSY that promotion on the Internet gives you views, subscribers, comments, but most importantly, the right content posted at the right moment. A dance that is easy to remember and visuals helped the promotional team YG Entertainment to almost a billion hits. How they were able to promote local music?

        How to make a viral video even more viral

Right tease

The content in the case of Gangnam Style is not just one video. Information, that soon comes a new album, PSY once wrote in social networks since June 2012. Premiere of the album was scheduled for 15 July.

11 Jul appears on YouTube a teaser that makes it clear to the user about the fact that soon he would have something big. (Scene for the teaser was very well selected, isn't it?) The next day — another teaser of a little more developed: the tune of the song is seen more clearly. 13 July in the next video colleagues PSY has invited all to listen to the new song and the album overall, stating confidently: it will be a hit! The intrigue reached a climax, and each of the teasers received a great many reviews on YouTube.

More than 10 years on stage — an impressive experience, but a plus and a considerable number of followers, and, consequently, subscribers on Facebook, YouTube, etc. Teasers stepped in fertile soil. On an empty place, you would have to pay money to get your content noticed.

To assure that the content is truly good

Once premiered the clip on YouTube with an enviable regularity (two to three times a week) started showing up and recording live performances with the same song and dance. The purpose of the publication of the records "live" — show level of popularity. See how well the audience takes to Gangnam Style live.

The Internet audience had the opportunity to feel in the thick of things.

Psy daily was shown to all users: "Yes, Gangnam Style is cool. Look, I accept audience!".

        To properly execute content

All videos with Gangnam Style in the PSY channel are advertising the new album. Of course, that the description to the video in the first lines there are links to purchase the album. The default for video displays only some text characters, so the most important information you need to convey as early as possible. We must not forget that there are more Facebook page, Twitter and the rest, but sales are better than new fans in social networks.

An important source of traffic on YouTube is search, like within the hosting and out — still YouTube is really valuable in the Google search results. Videos PSY made by all the canons of SM-optimization:

— all have the same phrase. Main movie only contains the artist name and song title, and the name of accompanying has the same phrase plus explanation;

— in the descriptions to the video clip name mentioned constantly;

— to all of the rollers have a core set of keywords, tags.

What did the owners of the channel is the playlist: video might gather together in one list. His name, description and key words also would increase the weight of the rollers in the results of search.

All these optimization techniques will help to link the videos in the "similar". Users are watching on YouTube that one video, then another, clicking on the "similar videos".

The beauty of annotations is that you can change them whenever you want.

        Be editor

From one clip team PSY made the whole story, with a teaser, with recordings of actual performances, the film about the film, reviews of local idols. Be creative like with the talents of the editor of the printed edition.

Prepare a content plan. Always plan in advance when and in what form the content will be presented. Try to understand the specific behavior of a user on the network, and more specifically your user.

Use positive feedback as a cause for boasting. The crowd at the concert, nice comments under the video — it all helps to convince the rest of the audience, you show them something incredibly interesting.

Dispose of properly. Optimize your content so that users can easily find it. Place it where the user can easily share content with friends.

Don't forget about social networks. Video part of "operation Gangnam Style" was actively publishing on Facebook PSY, and other accounts. Few people read the daily feed of your subscriptions on YouTube — but they read of friends in different social networks.

Don't try to make a "viral video". 99% of viruses get by accident. It is impossible to guess whether your audience is so enthusiastic that he would send a link to your friends. Just do something interesting for your viewers, and once lucky.

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