In Guatemala to build schools out of plastic bottles

In underdeveloped countries, children have often no opportunity to get an education only because of the fact that nowhere – they have no school. Unfortunately, the construction of schools, even of the cheapest materials is too expensive.

Because of this non-profit organization Hug It Forward came up with a way to construct buildings with the minimum budget instead of bricks they used plastic bottles that are filled with garbage.

The idea may seem strange and even how to build a house out of bottles? But as it turns out it is possible and even a very nice house. Today, the organization has built 12 schools and 4 build now. Plastic bottles filled with rubbish and bind each other, and then, together with concrete, they make the wall. As the basis of using materials from wood. The construction of one school goes from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on its size.

The benefits of such construction, not only in school but also in the fact that waste is used, which in another case would lie, and polluted place where people live. Moreover, the children thus learn the right attitude to the environment and working in construction, helping to build a school.

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