Unusual traditions of courtship

Then smelling the apples, cut-off heads as a gift and even more incredible ways to Woo the opposite sex described in this article.

1. And you can all see?

One of the tribes, from Cambodia when she reaches the age of thirteen, her parents build a special hut in which it can take young people as much as you want, as long as did not choose his elect. However, when it happens, just cope the wedding and there is no turning back. About any divorce cannot be considered.

2. Empty scabbard

The tribes of Scandinavia in the 19th century looking for a life partner was not easy. When the girl matured, she hung on the belt, empty scabbard, this meant that she was looking for a great love. All that was left to do to the representative of the stronger sex is to put your knife in her sheath. However, she could return the knife, indicating failure.

3. Gypsy kiss

This Gypsy ritual became known relatively recently. In order to get married, the guy only need to kiss her feet. Be it her will or not no one cares.

4. Sweaty apples

In Austria of the 19th century, she was treated to her chosen Apple. However, Apple previously had to go under her arm. What's interesting this occurred in the late evening held at the dance. But the boy is not scared, in fact, he was eating the fruit with great pleasure.

5. Severed head

This creepy ritual practiced in Taiwan until the 1930-ies. The men of the tribe Atayal believed that the surest way to prove their maturity and suitability for family life is the present beloved head of the slain enemy. After this gift was exhibited on a narrow pedestal for all to admire and obzavidovalis.

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