Unconventional courtship (9 photos)

Nontraditional they are only for certain cultural layers, for example for us.
I want to touch on this subject today, on the day of St. Valentine.
Can you try to diversify their relations and surprise your mate.
Love one another.

1. In Taiwan in the first third of the last century, a popular way to express their affection was the procedure of giving young people a head. This addicted Atayal tribe representatives who gave their favorite bouquets and not candy, and the severed head of the enemy. Incidentally gifts then exhibited in a conspicuous place.

2. In Scandinavia in the 19th century marriage proposal was made very easy. As soon as she was ready to family relations, she hung on his belt empty scabbard. Unmarried boys had to do was to put a knife into them. Knife elect remained in place and could play a wedding. And if the boy did not like the lady - a knife he returned with a proposal to look for other sheath.

3. In Britain courtship ritual among local Roma kept to a minimum. Youth just need to kiss your favorite girl. Opinion of the girls, in principle, no one cares. Immediately after the momentous kiss to play wedding, and she goes into full disposal of its new ruler.

4. Not less than "awe" refers to women in ancient times. In many cultures, women are on the list of movable property, which could invaders after winning or just foray take home with them.


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