Tips on how to take pictures with the height (11 photos)

Photos taken from the height, look much more interesting and more advantageous than the land.
Read tips on how to make high-quality photos of beautiful views easily.

General tips:
1. Wear comfortable warm, windproof clothing. So long you save your performance.
2. If possible, remove a tripod.
3. Put the lens hood. Direct rays of the sun prevented even when focus is achieved.
4. Remember - good pictures are obtained when the air is clean and transparent.
5. It is better not to take photographs between 11 and 15 hours, when the sun is high.

The composition and perspective
Building composition survey, based on what you want to convey in the picture: the sensations surrounding grandeur, height, architectural features and untouched nature. When composing also be desirable to include in the frame objects of different heights in order to emphasize the remoteness of the point at which you're shooting.

Shooting from height in most cases of aspect, because very often the camera has to be tilted up or down, to include a necessary element of the frame. Note that while there are long-term distortions with which to be reckoned.

Application distortion when the building begin to seem falling or collapsing, may become a special artistic technique.

Shooting time
For the filming of the urban landscape is considered to be the best position of the sun at an angle of 25-35 degrees to the plane of the building. This coverage is in the morning and evening hours and gives soft shadows, underlines the relief well. The same applies to the time of the shooting landscapes in nature. The best pictures are in the modal time - at dawn or sunset.

Keep in mind that shooting in cloudy weather makes the image expressionless. Photograph from the height of the landscape against the light only in exceptional cases, solving specific technical or artistic problems.

Good results can be obtained by taking off at dusk. Under the conditions of the urban landscape at this time of the scattered light illuminates the sky good shade and night character image can be emphasized by using artificial light in the frame.


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