Unusual tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day (7 photos)

Let's see what the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day have in different countries.
This day is celebrated not only in Russia, so it can be considered a very important and significant.

Slovenia - a day when it's time to get to work in the fields

Saint Valentine's Day is associated with the arrival of the Slovenes in the spring. They believe that the flowers and the whole vegetation begins to grow on this day, February 14 St. Valentine comes and brings the keys of all the roots, and from that moment nature begins to awaken. As for the day of lovers - in this country it is celebrated on March 12, the feast day of St. Gregory.

Japan - a day when women give chocolate to men

February 14 Japanese tradition teaches men chocolate gifts, with the type of chocolate depends on the nature of the relationship. If a man - the chief, colleague or just a good friend, he presented "giri-Choco" - a sort of no non-binding token. The word "weights" means "obligation, duty." But "hommey Choco" given only to those with whom romantically involved: boyfriends, lovers or husbands.

A month later, on March 14, the Japanese celebrate the so-called "White Day", when men presented gifts to respond to women - and they have to be two to three times the price received on Valentine's Day. For this rule, there is even a special term - "sanbai gaeshi" (literally "triple return»).

Leave a woman without a response Gift considered riding arrogance. And if the gift men is approximately equal to the value of what he was - a hint of a break in relations. Earlier in the day, White gave only chocolate, but to him now increasingly making jewelry, clothing and general sundries that can please a woman.

In Wales, the patron saint of lovers is considered Dwynwen, as a symbol of love - spoon

Welsh analogue days ST. Valentine is celebrated on January 25, the feast day of the Holy Virgin Welsh Duynveyn. The story of her tragic love for generations inspired and continues to inspire the local population.

Legend has it that the beautiful Duynveyn loved young man named Myron, and although he reciprocated, to be together in love could not. About the causes, there are three versions: a) Myron did not keep his promise to maintain innocence before the wedding and tried to rape Duynveyn b) the girl's father was against the marriage and c) Duynveyn father has already promised his daughter's hand to someone else.

One way or another, but desperately Duynveyn began to pray fervently to stop loving Myron. And then the angel went to her and gave the girl a drug which immediately freed her from the painful feelings and Myron turned to ice.

After that, God promised to fulfill her three requests. The first thing asked Duynveyn - a free lover of ice captivity. Second - make it the patroness of all lovers. And the third - to remain a virgin until his death. All three wishes have been fulfilled. Duynveyn retired to the island of Ynys Llanddwyn and spent the rest of life in solitude and prayer.

Traditional gift on the day of St. Duynveyn considered to be "spoon of love." This tradition began in the XVII century, when the young man carved wooden spoons, decorating handle all those romantic characters and handed the girls, which had their eye.

Englishwoman guess at narrowing the

In the old days on the eve of Valentine's Day Englishwoman pinned to the corners of their pillows at bay leaf and went to bed, hoping to dream betrothed. According to another tradition, the girl wrote on pieces of paper the names of their loved ones, rolled in clay and cast into the water. Whose pop up a piece of paper first, and she will marry one whose name is written.

In South Korea mourn his loneliness


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