One day in the Altai Mountains (44 photos)

28-year-old Muscovite Alexander enjoys mountain trekking and landscape photography, in September 2012, he was a simple horse-trekking in the Altai.
Seventeen days later, he lived among the snow-capped mountains and turquoise lakes.
Let's see how this happened.
Marveled at the beauty of the places.
One day my mother-teenager (39 photos)

Author: 1. On this day, I woke up at 4:20 - somewhere around the ear something gnawing mouse. This year there was some trouble with mice gnawed everything, including clothing and tents. Finally woke up at 4:45. Slept in Balaklava to pairs of breath less soaked down sleeping bags. Get out of a warm sleeping bag in the cold night air hellishly difficult, but I'm already used.

2. At 4:58 hours, before sunrise is still a little less than two hours. The process of collecting / dressing did not take off due to pitch darkness.

3. We awake other photographers and go with Natasha up the hill to the cherished point shooting. We need to rise above the forest zone, which offers a good view of the Lower Shavlinskih lake. It's somewhere 200m ascent. Around the pitch dark, we go in the light of lanterns. On the road met a hare.

4. Rose! Yes dawn another 20 minutes, and the sky is covered with clouds. You can just sit back and admire the scenery.

5. After about an hour the sky broke in the clouds, but beautiful dawn never happened. At this point, we have strongly froze, so take pictures there and begin the descent.

6. Memory photo with driftwood and lake views.

7. A top of larches already warm sun!

8. Somewhere in the middle of the descent came into the clearing, lit by the sun. Catch positive after prolonged cold morning.

9. In the camp returned at 8:50, just in time for breakfast. We do often come after shooting just for breakfast or dinner.

10. Olga distributes pshёnku on plates. I have no plate, saving both weight. So I applied in a mug.

11. Straight from our tent stones lined path to the lake.

12. Very near to the tent stands infinity idol (he is seen in the previous photo). Behind you can see the stone-paved bonfire, a canopy over the table and benches.

13. breakfast on the shore of the Lower Lake Shavlinskih. Color of the water is fantastically beautiful.

14. Because of the mice all the products have to be suspended. Well at least there were no bears :)

15. Thoroughly refreshed, we turn to the camp and advanced to the sides of the Upper Lake Shavlinskih at 12:05. Climb the steep path to the stone city.

16. I am at the entrance of the stone city. The right is the guardian of the city, which need to ask permission to go inside.

17. In the city hosts fotoprival and easy snack. This is a picture of us, left to right: Timothy, Kostya and Denis.

18. There are so many beautiful, so beautiful! To catch all the lift, I decided to start up a fight once all photo equipment! Flame And it is worth noting that 12 people have been no kenona :) © photo by Konstantin Khoroshilova

19. Somehow, over a steep rocky shore caught two sisters-listvennichki. Taken against the backdrop of the lake water. Color is natural (specifically say this, many do not believe).

20. Stone Town is a set of small stone "houses", different in structure and size.

21. A more general view of the city. Most of the houses here - it's just a bunch of stones. On red barberry bushes at this time for many ripe berries, mnyam.

22. After the town trail descends steeply down.

23. Further upward sloping trail leads along the creek.

24. relax and wait for stragglers comrades.

25. Overcoming a small rise and find ourselves at the top Shavlinskih lake. Photo © Konstantin Khoroshilova

26. We pass by a small dried-up lake. The stones are covered with mineral deposits from the water of the lake.

27. Pass Top Shavlinskih lake and just at the edge of it, in anticipation of the imminent vacation in the parking lot near the fire, up against the clamp, where sloping bank of the lake turned into a vertical rock wall. I am here for the first time and for me it's an unpleasant surprise. We go around it on top, up to 50m, 50m down.

28. Stones are interesting.

29. After the descent we cross the river on the bridge

30. And put the camp. Total, we walked 6km for 4:50, it's just a record medlennopolzaniya. But never mind, we are photographers, not athletes, we can :)

31. kindles a fire and put the tea

32. Oh, how nice to just sit by the fire and warm hands!

33. Communicate with local idol, know the local orders. Have not been able to find out from him if there's a mouse or other rodents. Just in case I decided to hang products for the night, so peaceful.

34. Nearby is a waterfall. From our camp, he clearly visible and audible. I did not wait for dinner, but just drank coffee, ate cookies and went to shoot a waterfall.

35. climb higher on the wet stones in a narrow couloir. Try different angles, but did not like it.

36. rise above the hill and watch the sunset over the lake.

37. I found a beautiful larch and remember it in the GPS-kyo. Here I'll be back to take down the stars and the dawn.

38. It's getting dark. Self-portraits, and go down to the camp.

39. He returned to the camp in the dark, just in time for dinner. Duty fed us with buckwheat stew, mnyam.

40. During the day, all tired, so after dinner almost immediately dispersed to their tents. Getting ready for bed.

41. pulls his hand out of the tent, put the camera on the ground face down and takes a picture of the sky. Right above us hanging ice crust of the Milky Way.

42. Only two romantics left to watch as the fire burns. Photo © Konstantin Khoroshilova

43. We went to bed at 21:55. Service set for 3:00 to climb up the hill and shoot the stars, but that's another story.

At present, all! Thank you for having spent the day with me!



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