One day in the Altai Mountains (44 photos)

28-year-old Muscovite Alexander enjoys mountain trekking and landscape photography, in September 2012, he was a simple horse-trekking in the Altai.
Seventeen days later, he lived among the snow-capped mountains and turquoise lakes.
Let's see how this happened.
Marveled at the beauty of the places.
One day my mother-teenager (39 photos)

Author: 1. On this day, I woke up at 4:20 - somewhere around the ear something gnawing mouse. This year there was some trouble with mice gnawed everything, including clothing and tents. Finally woke up at 4:45. Slept in Balaklava to pairs of breath less soaked down sleeping bags. Get out of a warm sleeping bag in the cold night air hellishly difficult, but I'm already used.

2. At 4:58 hours, before sunrise is still a little less than two hours. The process of collecting / dressing did not take off due to pitch darkness.

3. We awake other photographers and go with Natasha up the hill to the cherished point shooting. We need to rise above the forest zone, which offers a good view of the Lower Shavlinskih lake. It's somewhere 200m ascent. Around the pitch dark, we go in the light of lanterns. On the road met a hare.

4. Rose! Yes dawn another 20 minutes, and the sky is covered with clouds. You can just sit back and admire the scenery.


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