Courtship traditions of different peoples

From then smelling of apples to be cut off heads as a gift - not only as a courting the object of his passion at different times and in different countries 1. The severed head

This eerie ritual practiced in Taiwan before 1930. Atayal tribe men believed that the surest way to prove their maturity and suitability for family life - is to present the beloved head of the slain enemy. After this gift exhibited on a narrow pedestal for all to admire and obzavidovatsya

2. Let sheath

Some Nordic tribes of the 19th century to find a wife / husband was easy: once the girl "matured" then hung up on the empty belt sheath that every free man knew that she is in search of a great love. Men who liked this girl, I had to just something to come and invest in its sheath his knife. If the intended groom knife does not return, then, we can say the engagement took place. Well, if returned - will have to look for other sheath

3. Gypsy Kiss

On this ritual Roma Britain became known recently. If the guy thought up to marry, he should just grab and kiss beautiful, even if by force. At this training girls (usually aged 14-21 years) ends, with its own opinion does not matter. After that play a hastily wedding and the rest of life to serve this poor girl forced to kiss her squirt

4. I came, I saw, has withdrawn

This can be read almost any book of ancient history. Women at the time was seen as prey. So that the invaders took away foreign wives along with the rest of the loot in the neighboring villages and tribes good. Just imagine: now you cook dinner your family and friends, and tomorrow wash dirty pants some foreigner who makes call themselves "husband"

5. That this, please

This Indian girl does not necessarily wrestle with how to please guys. While in the 21st century India still passes through socio-cultural reform in the small state of Bihar saved "cute" tradition "stealing the groom," which allows the bride's family to save on wedding expenses. Parents marriageable girls just steal eligible bachelors and arrange a secret wedding ceremony, the bride wants that or not

6. Sweaty apples

This ritual was popular in Austria in the 19th century. Beautiful girls, flirting, treated the boy liked apple. And not just any apple, and the fact that he had been under his arm charmer conducted at the end of the evening dancing. What is interesting, young people seemed such a gift is not just relevant - they are happy to knead sweaty apples, just behind the ears popped

7. Date with caution

Jawani Diwani Europe and America 16-17 centuries passed through Hard test. They were allowed to spend the night together - in the house girls in the same bed, but fully clothed, under different blankets, and fenced off to be sure the board. This was done to ensure that young can better know each other and learn to resist the temptation

8. And you can all see?

Tribe Kreung Cambodia - your secret to a successful marriage. Once the girl is 13 years old, parents build a "love shack" where she can take young people - as much as he wants - until it finds "that same". But as soon as the ideal partner is found and played the wedding, no way back. No divorce in this tribe does not happen



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