12 animals, who have something to tell people about the love and passion

We shouldn't believe that only people are capable of bright and delicate liking. The website found many examples in the animal world, when our smaller brethren in a wonderful way Express your feelings. And I must say, their efforts to conquer the love and support relations are sometimes to be envied.


This bird is perhaps the most romantic. For future favorite salasnik builds the house and carefully adorns a variety of shiny and colorful things, what he can find. As a true Creator, salasnich desperately looking for shells, berries, drags abandoned people bright objects, preferring a deep blue. How can a woman resist to such courtship?


It just seems that seahorses are sedentary. When it comes to relationships, they arrange a "pre-dawn dance", which would envy even the tango lovers. A pair of intertwined tails and twisted in a whirlwind, rushing to the water surface, then sinking to the bottom. And all this accompanied by a "Serenade" to the beloved. After days of dance marathon, the pair finally decided to do the courtship dance, changing in the process the color. And not to leave it until the end of life.


It turns out that these huge and formidable animal is a very important tactile contact. The elephant's trunk — this formidable weapon, and a powerful lever that can lift as much as 600 lbs. And at the same time a way to Express your feelings. The trunk is much more sensitive than, for example, a man's fingers. It helps couples to show affection, twining around each other, patting on the back and patting on the head.

Butterfly fish

Usually these beauties can be seen wandering flocks. But it is worth it to meet my wonderful mate like a couple of moves away from the pack. From now on all the things they do together: hunting, traveling around its coral reef and breed. And if they suddenly happen to lose each other, partner without hesitation he rushes to find his soul mate, even if it is life threatening.

- Backed manakins

To win the heart of your partner, backed manakins in the course are all skills. He shows her all the talents: a spectacular throw and stand, inimitable and 180° rotation. And as the main weapon — the signature "moon walk" in the spirit of Michael Jackson. While shocked partner comes from delight, Manakin performs the melody with clicking wings. And does it with great speed is 30 times faster than normal video.

Sea otters (sea otters)

Quite a long process of courtship at sea otters are very lively and playful. A couple dives and swims, the female tries to pretend running away, but then gives up. But the most romantic, perhaps, is how sea otters sleep firmly clasping paws so they do not fall from each other and from the shore.

Japanese cranes

Courting cranes — it is a spectacular ritual. Here and jumping with small dashes, and flapping wings with tilting and dancing, and toss tufts of grass up. At the end held a couple of "hooks are the result of" joint singing. And continues until, until it starts to sing in unison. Perhaps, this musical Union among men can only be found in disney films.


Skinks do not spare time for long courtship. Partner walks past partner, and that, in turn, may mild tremors, oblizyvaet and light bites to draw attention to themselves. On the pairing, they sometimes require several months, but then Skinks ready for decades to return to the only in the mating season. And even try to settle in the neighborhood, in order not to lose partner in sight.


Having met your soul mate, to the frigate you need to get more air into the lungs literally. To the partner reciprocated, it inflates red throat pouch, like a huge heart. Accompanying it with a beating of wings and the marriage chants, he patiently waits for the benevolence of the partner. If the lady agrees, she rubs the head on the throat pouch of the frigate. And that means the marriage happened.


Snails are so slow that the change of behavior during the search of the pair catches the eye. They actively move, stop and the maximum crane your neck, looking around. Finally finding his mate, all the forces are pressed against each other, the maximum contact soles. Despite the fact that they are hermaphrodites, love games snails is clearly no stranger to the need for procreation.


This passion, as lions, should keep looking. During the "honeymoon" they did not leave for a minute, looking at each other with loving eyes. Passionate love scenes every 20 minutes over the fact that happy couple lying in an embrace, forgetting about food and hunting. If the lion decides to hunt, all produced he will give his beloved. And will humbly watch as she eats every bite, as he is damn hungry.


Bonobos have a very intense sexual behavior. But this does not prevent them to bring to the everyday life of romance. They are touching, often trying to hug and kiss. And can for long periods of time grooming each other, which gives them no less pleasure than lovemaking. And yet bonobos are capable of sympathy and comfort that makes them stand out among other apes.

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