In Africa, remained whole and broken dam in parched riverbeds.

North Africa, the Sahara desert, most recently in geologic time was flourishing edge with deep rivers, cities. This confirms and water erosion from showers in the Egyptian sphinx.
And it turns out, it should be an advanced civilization in these areas remains abound. And it's not only the Egyptian pyramids, temples, pyramids Sudanese. Remained whole and broken dam in parched riverbeds.

Writes about this blogger petgraph:
& Quot; ... More recently, with an incredible surprise realized that North Africa (then I must say, do not read anything practically about changing history can guess somehow) exactly in the recent past was the green continent. And here the evidence is not necessary - they are in full view, we need only to look out the window, sitting in a fly away from the resort in Marsa Alam plane.
All the east coast pitted deltas, river beds and lakes! All this is now dried up, but the fact that only recently was different - a fact! Saw crumbling clay huts, which are built by following the curves of this, as it were only in the wild ancient flowing rivers! Ie not a pyramid, not something monumental, namely villages. Well, who on earth is disturbed to build houses as it is necessary, for example, at the bottom of the former river?
So, just 10-15 minutes after takeoff, when the aircraft has not yet gained height, I noticed an incredible facility, which subsequently did not find anything on the network:

Google Maps
Dam! 200 m in length, pyramidal in cross section and well marked with aircraft. So my question is, what kind of design? How old is it and when East Africa was green and affluent, if left in rivers here are similar to the construction of the dam?
Later, looking at it in Google, I noticed the 2 nd, just east. Smaller - "only" 100 meters long - dam "smaller" And all this despite the fact that in the next 300 km radius no civilization but no hotels.

Another found the dam in line with long dry river

And more. See 3 dam, cross-sectional trapezoid

6 Last

Riddle. From the dam - a snapshot of Google. Without dams - from Bing ( )
I do not think that there is some bingo cards newer than that of Google, it turns out that the dam appeared in the last 5 (?) Years.


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