Operation and under construction hydroelectric power station on the river Ardon

Zaramagskiye hydroelectric - Russian cascade operation and under construction of hydropower plants on the river Ardon in Alagirsky district of North Ossetia, which is an interrelated set of two hydroelectric power plants - Main HPP 10 MW and Zaramagskaya HPP-1 capacity of 342 MW. HPP construction began in 1976, the building is planned for 2013, so the total duration of the construction will be at least 37 years old.

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Dirt fill dam on the river Ardon. The maximum height of the dam 39 m, length 300 m, the volume of the mound 1, 586 million cubic meters of soil. Dam slept from gravel and gravelly soils, has a core of impervious loams. During the construction of the initial draft of the dam has been changed - to reduce the height of the dam (the initial project it was supposed to be 79 m at a volume of 3,726,000 m³ mound of soil), a mound of gravel and gravelly soils in persistent prisms was partially replaced by a mound of raw stone from the mountain scree, which significantly increased the reliability of the dam. A feature of the dam is raised with respect to the normal podpopnomu water level in the reservoir (NPU) dam crest elevation (1708 m elevation at NEC 1690, 6 m, so that grfignya dam above the normal water level in the reservoir 17, 4 m), which provides dam safety in the event of a collapse in the reservoir of a large landslide or collapse. In addition, the construction of the dam allows increasing its height in the case of such a decision.

Main HPP building - open-shore.

A general view of Main HPP. From left to right: the building of hydroelectric head (turbine building), dam, spillway future.

Shutter segment type. Because of the health of the spillway it slightly open.

Tailrace. Right station building.

Before entering the turbine building, I expected to see there, judging by its size, the number of GA. Was very surprised when GA was only a one. Head HPP is designed to generate electricity water pressure created by the dam. In the power house is running one of a four Kaplan turbines with a before-turbine disk shutter driving the hydraulic generator.

You see people on the left? The main body of the GA stands on the edge of a five-ruble coin. Not only that it does not fall, it is all fixed! Here is a graphic illustration of places without vibration at the GA.

A feature of the hydraulic unit is the possibility of significant increase in its power (up to 33 MW) in the case of a decision to increase the height of the dam; In this case, the design of the impeller provides for its reconstruction with increasing number of blades from 4 to 8. In the foreground pictures crooked box stands. Said that this equipment braking turbines and why it is needed in the main hall - is not clear. "Soon remove down into the technical floor, to not spoil the view here».

Impeller hydroturbine - 3, 5 m, the weight of the impeller - of about 30 tons. When a head of your payable 18 6 m hydraulic unit has an output of 15 MW (in isolated operation Main HPP, in co-operation with Zaramagskaya HPP-1 power is reduced to 10 MW).

This inlet pipe with water before the GA.

Technical floor. Downstairs, in the recess, the inlet pipe. On the right you can see the pipe through which water can be fed to derive Zaramagskaya HPP-1 passing Main HPP.

Water, waste on the hydraulic unit, or dumped in the river bed Ardon (during operation Head HPP to start Zaramagskaya HPP-1), or served in the derivation path Zaramagskaya HPP-1.

Here is the distribution of water discharge. Now it is discharged into the river. Ardon. Then, at the start of GES-1, tract reset p. Ardon gate overlaps. The water level in the chamber rises and clears the tunnel derivation. Its beginning you can see on the left. Such rounding concrete - is the lower part of the portal.

View of the station from the dam.

The right of the mountains - Lower Zaramag. In 2009 there lived 10 people.

Water inlet through which water flows to the GA.

The entrance portal construction and operational spillway. Initially surprised by the height of the spillway, but remembering that the project provides for dumping the dam to a height of 79 meters (39 m height now.) It becomes clear. Although I could be wrong.

Construction of HPP is conducted since 1976, the project HPP revised several times, repeatedly changed customers and contractors of construction, and the pace of construction works changed. Currently, Head Start HPS took place on 18 September 2009, starting Zaramagskaya HPP-1 is tentatively scheduled for 2012.


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