Volcanoes (11 pics + text)

Volcanoes are divided according to the degree of volcanic activity on the active, dormant and extinct. The active volcano is considered to be a volcano erupted in the historical period of time or during the Holocene. The concept of active rather inaccurate, because the volcano has active fumaroles, some scientists refer to active, and some to be extinct. Sleepers are considered inactive volcanoes, where possible eruptions and extinct - on which they are unlikely.

1) Erta Ale - an active shield volcano, located in Afar, in north-eastern Ethiopia. It is the most active of the volcanoes of Ethiopia. Erta Ale reaches 613 meters, with a lava lake on top. It is in the Danakil lowlands, desert area on the border with Eritrea.

2) The explosion crater - maar, the effects of the explosion and phreatic eruption of the volcano Dallol in 1926. Dallol volcano is located in Northern Ethiopia, one of the hottest places on the planet (the average annual temperature - + 34 ° C). The lowest of the known terrestrial volcanoes - 45 meters below sea level. Yellow color - brimstone, brown - iron oxides.

3) The flow of pahoehoe. The picture shows several branches from the main flow. Taken from a helicopter.


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