Music Festival - Hurricane 2010 (18 photos)

In Scheeßel near Bremen, Germany, he started a music festival - Hurricane. The festival is dedicated to alternative music. The first festival was held in 1973.

Fans raised their hands to the sky, enjoying the sun appeared. (Friso Gentsch / DPA)

Fans rejoice at the exit of the British band Skunk Anansie. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Two fans staged a fight on the field. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

The eyes of these girls just radiate love. (Friso Gentsch / DPA)

Cow with panda bear arms Woman. (Friso Gentsch / DPA)

American singer Katy Perry on stage. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Singer Irish-American punk band «Dropkick Murphys», Al Barr on stage. (Carmen Jaspersen / DPA)

Jennifer Veist, singer of the group «Jennifer Rostock». (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Hayley Williams singing into a microphone. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Dust over the field with the fans. (Carmen Jaspersen / DPA)

Sad football cheerleader sitting with inflatable monkey. (Carmen Jaspersen / DPA)

So in Germany, rooting for their team in the World Cup 2010. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Those fans were in a good mood despite the fact that the rain poured down all day Sunday. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Everyone had fun as he could. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Bathing in a muddy puddle has become an integral tradition of the festival. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)

Who in the mud, and some by boat. (Nigel Treblin / DDP)


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