Shocking hurricanes in US history (photo + text)

In mid-August 2004. Florida has undergone impact of hurricane "Charlie", which forced the evacuation of two million people. Victims of "Charlie" were 27 people. Hurricane destroyed hundreds of homes and caused extensive damage to the infrastructure of the state. The total damage from it was $ 7, $ 4 billion.

In early September 2004 the central and north-western parts of the Florida Hurricane "Frances", because of which the time has stopped working spaceport at Cape Canaveral. About six million people in Florida were left without electricity. Was declared the largest in the history of this state evacuation - were forced to leave 2, 5 million people. According to various estimates, material damage from the hurricane was 8 to 10 billion dollars.

September 16, 2004 at Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Hurricane "Ivan" had already claimed the lives of 68 people in Cuba and in other countries. The victims of the hurricane were about 30 people. About three million people, mainly in the states of Florida and Alabama, were without electricity. The amount of damage from the disaster reached 14 billion dollarov.J

These and other terrible hurricanes in the history of the United States in the last hundred years, you will learn from today's selections.

1) In the town of Galveston and in neighboring villages along the coast of Texas saw the epicenter of Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008. This phenomenon was observed in Crystal Beach (Crystal Beach), which is located on the Bolivian Peninsula, September 18. (Eric Gay / AP)

2) September 14, 2008, a day after Hurricane Ike approached the coast, the survivors had only one house standing among the ruins of destroyed homes in Gilchrist, Texas. (David J. Phillip / Getty Images)

3) Key West, Florida, storm waves hit the shore and flooded the southwestern part of the State of October 24, 2005, when Hurricane Wilma blew. Rumble Wilma swept across the Florida peninsula, the Gulf of water Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Wilma has selected 5 lives in Florida, 4 in Mexico and 14 in the Caribbean. (Carlos Barria / Reuters)


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