Miatlinskaya hydroelectric power - one of the stations Sulak HPP cascade

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Miatlinskaya hydroelectric power - one of the stations Sulak HPPs cascade, built between Chirkeyskaya hydroelectric and hydroelectric complex Chiryurtionskaya from 1970 to 1986. It represents the arch dam, creating pressure up front, diversion tunnels and the building of hydroelectric power station with installed two hydraulic units with a total capacity of 220 MW.

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Classic encyclopedic view of the bottom construction of the station - the building of hydroelectric power stations, outdoor switchgear, surge tank (it leads to the car gallery above the power house).

Road to the hydroelectric Miatlinskaya. Bright valley in the mountains - is the target in the mountains where the station is located.

Cab overhead crane machine room station.

Both the engine room from the frame of the crane. Contamination floor easily explained - most recently completed overhaul of one of the machines. Covers generators had been cleaned, and the floor yet.

Inside one of the units and the lower room of the station building.

Control Miatlinskaya HPP.

A little away from the power house in the bushes on the side of the main channel Sulak lurking ascetic gazebo. In summer, plant workers are bathed. In summer, the temperature in the shade in these places often passes for 40 ° C, so this place is here - salvation.

Water Sulak. It is turquoise and the greater the depth of her - the more she gives cyan. For people who did not see it live, it seems pampering with photoshop. But still it is a valid color. This water color can be found on so many mountain rivers fed by glaciers. Turquoise water yield suspended particles of blue clay. That's all the explanation.



Long road tunnel leads from the dam to the power house. Dam hydroelectric Miatlinskaya arch. Just Russia has 3 (three) arch dam - a dam itself Miatlinskaya hydroelectric dam and hydroelectric dam Chirkeyskaya Gergebilskaya HPP. All three in Dagestan.

Initially, the station had to be built on the dam type. Place the original dam project is located a little further down the river. In 1977 (then only the initial period of work - completed the preparatory work, built road tunnel in the right bank) there was a major landslide and the right bank of the construction was stopped. It was necessary to carry out major landslide events and change the hydroelectric scheme, moving forward powerhouse for more than half a kilometer and follow the tunnel to the left bank of the derivation.




The height of the dam - 86 (5 m is the height of 30-storey building) with a length of 179 m.

Clouds sometimes gave lumens, allowing to see how the color of the water from the lighting. There thick low clouds ...

And here is the same view (but other risk factors) in less than a minute, but with samples sunlight. By the way the depth of the water column - more than 70 meters. A full reservoir capacity Miatlinsky power plant - 47 mln. Cubic meters (this is considered a small volume in principle).

On the right side of the dam, on the part of the reservoir, near the pontoon pulled out to the shore, you can see the loading platform. In such carry large equipment - the same transformer, for example, all sorts of large metal structures, etc.

Near the dam is water intake structures. It begins at depth and derivation tunnel, water conduit to the building of hydroelectric power plants. As befits such installations, water intake is equipped with a powerful crane to operate the gates and trash lattices.

For the first time I had the opportunity to feel and see the wing PDAs (hydrofoil). Sharp! Dangerous machine. For bathers.


We drive to the base of the dam to the downstream

Dam - is not a single monolithic structure, as it may seem. Inside, it is dotted with tunnels, galleries and passages, transitions. To monitor the condition of the dam it set the weight of various sensors, markers, pumps and other equipment. If necessary, of course, spend an additional injection of concrete.

From the dam back to the hydroelectric power station and climb to the surge tank ... Why is it needed? The fact that the size of the derivation HPP Miatlinskaya one wrong move at the closing of a gate of the channel will inevitably lead to a powerful surge. Thousands of tons of water running down the 2-kilometer channel baggy have somewhere to go. For this vertical tunnel was built - a huge copy of the principal conventional sanitary siphon.

If you need to stop the station or some urgent dropping gates, the water will not harm the structures, tunnels, gates, building hydropower plants. It simply goes into the siphon. If necessary - come out of it and for a few seconds fountain (but this is from the realm of fantasy rather). To consolidate the knowledge of the water hammer give homework - ZhEKe get the keys to the basement and rehearsed powerful movement quickly shut the riser with cold water (and hot too, let us)! After that, we go to the porch and listen to - from which came the mat flat - there is a four-ripped out plumbing (faucets there any domestic silumin, fittings, Chinese, etc.).

It's getting dark. Miatlinskaya HPP covers darkness and fellow photographers take out tripods to shoot the tank and the views from its site.

I developed a tradition of lighting a good old time machine and transported back a bit in the summer.





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