Kuznetsk Alatau - a mountain system in the south of Western Siberia

Kuznetsk Alatau - a mountain system in the south of Western Siberia, the Abakan ridge stretching from the northwest to the line of the Trans-Siberian railway, stretching about 300 km. Kuznetsky Alatau is not a single mountain range, and is formed by a complex system of medium-high arrays. The highest part is tagged hrimeet-Tisch (Celestial Teeth). Here some peaks reaching 2100-2200 m.

This mountain system - one of the most beautiful in the Kemerovo region. "Alatau" in Turkic means "motley mountains».

On the slopes of the Northern Urals (Komi Republic), on the territory of the Pechora-Ilych nature reserve is Mount Man-Pupu-Ner. On two tops, separated by a saddle, settled quaint stone idols. No they are not sculpted, not grind, they created an infinitely long time - for 200 million years! Frost weathering.

The name on the Magna-Mansiysk is a small river. It comes in the name of the mountain Man-Navels-Ner, that means small mountain of idols.

It has long been the indigenous peoples worshiped the stone statues, worshiped them. For example, the rise to an array of Man-Pupu-Ner was considered the greatest sin. From this holy Mansi Tracts came, as it is now would say, negative energy. Next photo shots of Russian tourists ...


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