According to the Vedas ....

Very often women who are in bondage to his irritable and jealous nature, tend to blame their husbands and try to ensure that they feel the freedom. But they do not realize that these are only emphasize their slavery. In the same situation are husbands, always finding fault with their wives.
Chastity - the first virtue in men and women, and is rare to find a person who could not be returned to the right path of gentle, loving and virtuous wife, no matter how far he departed not from it.

The world is not so spoiled. We hear a lot of rough husbands and depravity of men, but is not it just as gross and depraved women?

If all women were so good and pure, as one might assume, judging by their own constant assertions, I am convinced that there would be no corrupt men in the world. None of the roughness, which could not be defeated by gentleness and chastity. Kind and virtuous woman looks at every man except her husband, as his child and show them motherly attitude, would acquire such a huge force of its purity, it would not be a single man, as it were rude he was, which would not feel in her presence that he breathes an atmosphere of holiness ...

Similarly, each man must look at all the women except his wife, as a mother, daughter or sister.

The position of the mother - the highest in the world as a place where you can learn higher selflessness and show it. Love for God - the only love that is higher maternal love; all other kinds of love below. Debt mother to think of their children first, and then about yourself. But if, instead, parents always think first about themselves, the result is that the relationship between parents and children will be the same as they are between birds and their chicks, did not recognize their parents as soon as they grow up a little.

Blessed be the man who can look at a woman as representative of Motherhood of God, and blessed woman for whom a man is the Fatherhood of God. Blessed are the children who look up to their parents as a manifestation of God on earth ... The only way to climb is performed next, the next debt. Thereby gaining strength, we gradually reached the highest state.

According to the Vedas, our language lives Goddess Saraswati, who is ready to fulfill all our wishes, provided that our thoughts are positive. Therefore, a woman, just think "I do not want to live with it", not even a sound, not by words but only thoughts, gives rise to the disintegration of the family ... So, think positively, talk positively and get a positive result


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