Tango for two or four goals of family life ..

Why do the tango? What to dance in tune with family life? Partnership, coordination, agreement, harmony, creativity, flying, sensitivity to rhythm. Lead Tango - man, but he leads the dance, so that the sight of all - a woman with her grace and beauty. No dance without moving. Family - is also a constant movement. If you stop moving, put yourself in the development of family relations, the dance ends, and stagnation will inevitably lead to problems.

Think about that for you family life? Science? Labor? Art? A routine may or someone as lucky ... what is it?

Undoubtedly it is a science. And she needs to learn. Something truly valuable does not come cheap, and suddenly, everything must pass. The fruit must be endure 9 months, as well as preparing the soup, we do not remove it from the heat ahead of time, and cook the allotted time, adding spices and ingredients in a certain sequence. Also in the family. Have not lived yet 10 years old? Therefore not met yet really. After this, they say, preceded by a period of idealization, and after - the period of depreciation, for which, subject to certain obligations, opportunities and real encounter.

The Vedic scriptures are a set of rules for a happy life, including a happy family life, and Veda quite authoritarian, ie clearly say what will happen if you go right, left ... Happiness family relationships depends on your goals. And according to the Vedas family created for four main purposes.


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