♥ first. The family created for the execution of the Dharma, which is one of the values ​​- the highest path.

For example. The wife raised her voice. What makes the spouse, what is his choice? It is interesting that the more a wide range of its follow-up, he realizes he is the pious, and the higher and stronger than his mind. Conversely, if the only possible option would be for him in such a situation - a rude response, ie, in his mind there is no gap between the situation and the reaction to it, it's a sad situation.

So I follow the High way, ie dharma when from all available options within me I choose the highest. Another meaning of the Dharma - is the supreme duty. Yes, the word is the duty of a modern human feeling of hostility ("I owes nothing!"). However, ignoring the supreme duty of man deprives himself a lot. It is well made the supreme duty of a feeling of satisfaction and joy.

Amazingly, if I, despite the rush, help grandmother to cross the road, then come to me instantly an inner feeling of freedom and happiness. While the performance of lower debt is a feeling that I operate. Examples of lower debt: to work without joy, only for the money. And no wonder that so earned money will not go to the benefit of no one. Or another example, when my wife cooks for her husband, gritting his teeth. Just eating a suicide killer literally "treat".

Higher debt also includes faith, a religion that is not limited to rituals, the essence of which we often do not understand, and therefore perform them without much interest. And that's the problem, disasters are intended to demonstrate our faith, our understanding of their relationship with God.

According to Vedic treatises essence of dharma is to develop a thirty virtues, among which are:

• be truthful;
• merciful;
• endure hardships;
• be satisfied;
• be able to distinguish right from wrong;
• control your mind;
• be able to forgive;
• inspire.

This family we provided various opportunities for the development of these virtuous qualities. How?

After the test. Any situations that come to us in life, we show ourselves. Life in general is constantly testing us for our "authenticity" and puts the choice: to be or seem. It seemed like a good month before the wedding and honeymoon can be, but it felt good all his life - an impossible task. It is not possible for life to appear wise, brave, generous, hospitable. Life certainly show our true face. It will prepare specially chosen for our training - we will first embrace and then will shy away from our embrace, will test the heat and cold, money, career ...

Can we maintain a human face, or vice versa if you get rich go bankrupt if suddenly be glorified or opposite will experience a shame that we do when the erstwhile beauty fades, we will grow old, becoming more miserable and grumpy, or be able to gain wisdom?

Can we learn to manage not only their own machine, computer, and control his mind and intelligence, directing them to the ultimate goal of human life? These virtues have to learn for everyone. This is the dharma, duty that I must perform. And the family is given as a training center for training of these qualities. While people tend to believe that the family is given for enjoyment.

When there are 2 people in search of pleasure, then the result will be disappointing throughout, irritation, anger, resentment, divorce. Known to the pain many scenarios. Family life - this is one of the greatest universities in the end of study in which we have to pass the final exam. This exam know everything, but most people prefer not to think about it, because, in the absence of knowledge, the subject of death evokes a feeling of fear. While the die - this is a test in which all the drops same ticket. In the last examination we will ask how we build relationships in this life? Depending on how we pass the exam and will depend on what will be our next life.

So the family - is a center for training, and family relations - this is what we must learn all my life, and that is not disclosed immediately after the wedding. The wedding, by the way - it's a commercial that should be the end of family life, ie, as a result of a well executed Dharma. Therefore, our goal - to understand their dharma and follow it. In fact, every family or two students live (well, then three, four, as God wills), or two or more consumers. In the latter case, divorce is inevitable. And crises must always be viewed as a chance to deepen the relationship. The family will need to change, even if someone one in it would be a disciple.

Think about how to live next to someone who performs his dharma, ie It has all the virtues of thirty? It is easy and joyful. In other words, if the people around you you hard, then you are, alas, still do not have these qualities.


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