These are the miracles

To have been aware, cloves variety of colors already in place are produced. That is, the flowers themselves pristine white (the cheapest) purchased in the same Holland and Hungary, then all this joy is spread on the barrels with hot water and food coloring corresponding color, and a couple of hours - voila - get the output riot of colors. < br /> And here comes the firm order for a blue carnation for the wedding. As sometimes happens - zaparka, flowers in a barrel of dye put in the car, drove up the church - even white. The customer was quite sane man listened to the explanation that after half an hour, just in time for the wedding, the flowers reach condition, calculate on and parted.
A call back the next day and, sobbing, said that a priest in the church a little tantrum did not happen. He preached a very long time the audience about the great miracle - as carnation in his eyes changed color. And, of course, attributed the occurred event and the church itself favorite. Then was very disappointed. Did not immediately believe the facts. It happens. We ourselves somehow believe what we want to believe.


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