Love is not about that...

To be loved, don't need to be cool. Don't need expensive handbags, sunglasses, fashion items, cars, apartments and "louboutins". Do not help neither slang nor looking down nor position. Love is not about that.

To be loved, don't need to be the same as all. Should not betray themselves, their dreams and goals, adapting to society and its norms. Abandoning yourself and your nature, you can gain some extra points, but not love.

To be loved, don't need to be perfect in everything and always. Do not try to get fives and tens, always look impeccably, will not help and the perfect order in the house, as in a sterile laboratory. You can make a mistake, you can do wrong, and love is not affected.

Twenty nine million seven hundred fifty five thousand three hundred nine

To be loved, no need to be superientendant. It is not necessary to cram themselves into the narrow framework of any understanding of femininity — to become a skinny model or trying to play mother Teresa. Even if you sometimes wear pants and you can swear mate in a difficult situation, work, drive a car — you can still love.

To be loved, no need to be handsome or young. Beauty is a relative concept, and youth too fleeting. On the exterior is taken care of, but the love of appearance is not affected.


To be loved, don't need to be special or unique. You are by default unique and one of a kind, everything else is minor compared to what you really are.


To be loved, not need to be successful. From the fact that you will get a high position, build your business, earn a lot of money, you'll get many different bonuses. But not love.

Ninety one million six hundred ninety four thousand five hundred ninety

To be loved, not to do something. Love is not a product on the market that you want to negotiate or work out. Any blackmail of the type "do this and I love you" to love.

To be loved, not necessarily to be smart. Don't need to know everything about everything, to win intellectual battles, to have a high IQ and several degrees. You can afford not to know something, not to understand and not to worry about it. Love is not necessarily the most intelligent.

To be loved, don't need to be the best. Do not try someone to beat, to win, to come first to the finish line. On this pedestal you can expect fame, success and other things of the material world. But love is not measured by the pedestals.

To be loved, not necessarily to be right and do the right thing. Not necessarily to be right in everything and always. Love will bring, you can take my word for it. To be loved, don't need to be good. No matter what you think about other people, what they say about you and how you perceive.


The important thing is that I think about you in the Heavenly Office, although there's something just not to think about, but simply love.


Like, not because you're this or the other. Love because you're you. Such as it is. Albeit imperfect, imperfect with lots of flaws and features but one of a kind. Love not for something, often in spite of something. Just love and all. To earn the love impossible.

Love can only take and give, to give and to take. If you offer something to change for love, don't believe. There is no such a person of love, he can not give it to you. You are just wasting your time and energy. Love is not for sale.

Love soul. And the soul there are no wrong, bad, or ugly. The soul is always beautiful, happy and filled with love. She's ready for this love to share simply because to keep love is, it spreads as the light, knowing nothing of the conventions, no labels, no various nonsense.

Love just is. Now. Already inside you. In unlimited quantities. In the best shape. It remains only to find in his own heart the source.


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And to stop believing that love must be earned, to earn, to win, to find somewhere outside to keep. It is not so cheap that you can buy, bargain, exchange. Love is the light of your own heart and other people like mirrors that reflect to you your own light.

And when you realize whose is the light that lives inside you, you will feel that he comes to you always unlimited and unselfish, you will find the source and never believe in the earthly games and the manipulation of "love". You will understand that love in this. True love is different, and tasted the taste, you'll never accept substitutes.published  


Author: Olga Valyaeva




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