10 signs it's time to LET GO OF HUMAN

Signs that it's time to give up the relationship with the loved one, and continue to move forward blockquote>

Yes, we often can be very difficult to abandon the relationship with my boyfriend, but it so happens that only releasing them and continue to move forward, you will be able to become stronger, wiser, and, ultimately, happier.

In this article I have collected ten signs that it's time to let go, and continue to move forward:

  1. Someone wants you to be someone who you are not. - Do not attempt to change the very essence of her for whom whatsoever. Where the wiser losing someone, being himself than to keep, pretending that you're someone else. And remember - it is easier to heal a wounded heart than collect on broken pieces of the personality. Simply fill in the place in your life where there are other people than the place within you where you were yourself.
  2. The words of this man with deeds - and hard. - All of us sometimes need someone who inspires us and helps to look to the future with hope. And if being with you next person has on you quite the opposite effect, if his words are constantly at odds with his chores - well, perhaps it is time to terminate your relationship with him. And it is better to be alone than in a similar company. True friendship - is very strong from the vows, silent, unwritten but unbreakable. Not too listen to what other people say. Look at what they do. In every person's life is not so many real friends, but sooner or later you will discover their.
  3. You caught myself thinking that trying to get someone to love you. - Remember once and for all - it is impossible to get someone to love us. And we do not have to beg someone to stay if he wants to leave. This is the essence of true love - freedom. But with the end of love is still not the end of life. And you know - although sometimes love is leaving us for some reason, it always leaves something behind. And if someone really loves you, he will never allow you to doubt. Anyone can enter into your life with the words "I love you", but only those who speak the truth, willing to stay in it, and to prove how much they love you. Sometimes in order to find exactly the person we have to try, but it's worth it. Always.
  4. Your personal relationship based only on physical attractiveness. - Beauty - is not only the appearance, causes people to accompany you look, or how you are perceived by others. This is something for which we live. What defines us. What is hidden in the depths of your heart, and that adds to our uniqueness. What makes us who we are - all these small features and oddities. And those who are attracted only your sweet face and a beautiful body, and if you stay there, it is unlikely that long. But those who make out the beauty of your soul, do not you ever leave.
  5. Your trust is constantly betrayed. - Love - is when giving someone the chance to hurt you right in the soul, but so trust that you believe - this person so do not go. And like that can end only one of two things - either these relations hold on until the end of life, or do you remember the lesson of a lifetime. But any of these options are actually positive. You either make sure that the person you trust, worthy of this trust, or you get the opportunity to get rid of it your life and look for another. And in the end you will understand who is who, and who - the only one willing to risk it all for you. And believe me, many people are able to considerably surprise you.
  6. You constantly underestimated. - Know yourself price! When you tie a close relationship with someone who does not respect you, you come off of a piece of the soul itself, which never grows back ago. For all of us one day comes a time when we should just give up and stop chasing some people. If someone wants you to be in his life, he finds a way to keep you there. Sometimes you should just let go of the person for whom you are chasing, and admit that you do not like his attitude towards you. If he wants to go - let go. Sometimes it's easier than trying to keep. Yes, we believe that it is difficult and painful ... to the point where we do it. And then we ask ourselves, "Why did not I done this before?┬╗
  7. You will never speak to souls. - Sometimes a quarrel can save your relationship, and silence - to destroy them. Communicate with people. Talk to them a heart to heart, from the heart, so that after you have had no regrets. You came into this world not to be happy, but to be honest, and share their happiness with others.
  8. You are constantly required to sacrifice their happiness. - If you let people take you more than they give, your balance will be negative much faster than you imagine. Try to figure out when to pull out of the hands of greedy credit card in your life. Better to be alone, but to preserve the pride, than to remain in a relationship with someone who constantly demands sacrifice from you own happiness and self-esteem.
  9. You really do not like your current situation, lifestyle, work, and of so on. - It's better to fail at something that you really like, than to succeed in actually hated. Do not let someone who gave up his dreams, rob you of your. The best thing you can do with your life - go for it, obeying the call of the heart. The risk. It is not necessary to follow the path of least resistance just because you're afraid of what might happen. For in this way you will not happen anything, ever. Take a chance, make mistakes, learn from them - it's worth it. Yes, the climb to the summit of the mountain is not easy, but when you find yourself there, you'll realize that it was worth every drop of blood spilled, tears and sweat.
  10. Do you realize that the past does not let you, and you keep them live. - Sooner or later you will forget about the heartache, forget about what made you tear, and those who hurt you. Sooner or later you will realize that the key to happiness and freedom are not in power, and especially not for revenge, but to let life take its course, and learn from everything, so you can. Because ultimately the most important chapter of your life will not be the first, but the latter, in which you will understand how good was written the whole story of your life. And therefore, release the past, free yourself, and open your mind to the possibilities of carrying the new relationships and invaluable experience.
    The only thing you should not let go for anything and never - hope. Remember, what you deserve, and keep moving forward. Believe - once all the tiles will develop together. Your life will be filled with happiness and contentment, even if not quite as you imagined. And then you look back over my life, smile, and ask yourself, "How am I all worked┬╗?


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