Distrust — a blood relative of fear and lies

Distrust, like fear, once let into his heart, and already living with him like the annoying neighbor who always leans out of his door on purpose and starts to itch when you're not positioned to communicate with him...

It just occurs once, and remain with us, no churas and not requiring comfortable conditions — any will do, just to whisper periodically some his mournful, Yes, to be fed generous host's emotions.

Distrust — a blood relative of fear and lies. It lives for itself and does not arise by itself, it's not even dinner itself. "Dinner"...


Funny, you say. No. If these three "sister" is not to nurture, not to pay reverent attention, constantly joining in their needs, not their own, and it is something they cannibalising they will not survive.

Yes, you can say: "if I had not been deceived," or "that did not lie he (she) me," or "if I his (its) not loved (liked)", "if he (she) so with me not received(a)", "if then it did not happen"... if... If...

And now you just obviously don't trust anyone, anything, whole world...

But life is what happens to us now. And this is — was, was, and there it would remain, not carry you this "happiness" with him, infecting him with miasma and rotten speeches of your life now, you don't give him a reason to be, it wouldn't last you a month.

Distrust — think, the reason for arguments...

But if you gain the courage and sincerity to look at this small appearance of the dwarf, almost seeming harmless so domovenkom in robe and Slippers, you may be surprised what lies behind this forgivable part of our existence.

Yes, this is one of the ugly faces of lies. Not the reverse side, not other side — and one of the entities.

And — no matter lied to you or lied to you! You opened him the doors of your home, your heart, which you have almost all shut, but not for them.

From whom do you hide your heart? His life, his essence, his destiny is to LOVE! And you locked him into the darkness of prejudice and mistrust. You still consider him harmless deprived of a dwarf?

And I'll tell you where he lives distrust — living a lie. Where does the distrust — living in fear. Where does the distrust — living uncertainty. Where does the distrust not have faith. Where does the distrust — discontent lives. Where does the distrust — live almost all other "flawed". And where is this Kagan — has no place for full life to you.

Why with the same tenacity and loyalty we do not choose in their satellites and other emotions are constructive and life-affirming?

We, sincerely or stereotypical, wish each other birthday or on holidays beautiful words about love, happiness, health, harmony, etc., — never mind that only a few times a year — all are better than not wanting it...

But even in such rare days, we do not Express a sincere intention to wish yourself or another getting rid of mistrust and deceit in your life, getting rid of negative occurrences, and overcoming fears and all his "relatives".

And where can we invite our dear guests such as love, happiness, harmony, health, if your internal house no one is waiting, if it is not cleaned and all the seats are occupied household "harmless" dwarfs, who had been there are your Slippers and fresh "grub"?

Or you naively believe that here descend as happiness, love, health and harmony and will run helter-skelter all these petty freaks? No. You, and only you invite guests into your home.

The higher and brighter the feeling, so it is more modest and cleaner, and nothing and no will to win, drive to win. It comes when your heart is ready, when your house is clean and tidy inside, when your beautiful face decorated with a smile, and soul — forgiveness — and you won't have to wait long. But reliable "friends" and look for will not be already necessary.


Distrust is the heart of the castle, out of range, carefully guarded and only a point to walk under the mood. And all this stinking, sorry, brethren, as duty reaction — always with you...

Well, how sad to live like that? Distrust... It likes to say: "no one can be trusted!", "around deception", "all men (women) are lying!" etc.

Now your lack of confidence will shake slapped me in my face: "But there it is!" — say it clearly. And, of course, you believe him, and do not believe anyone, but when you ask: "Why is everyone lying?" The answer is simple — you chose this, you asked the installation to your life and what you attract into your life exactly what constitutes your disbelief, because you gave him the right to decide and choose for you.

Well, so be it, it's your choice. Then why are you so insulted and offended when you don't believe? After all, you attract like a magnet what you "believe."

I urge you to be stupid to blindly believe in the dogma, politics and the advertising, or that "writing on the walls" and all the gullible, in the sense in which it dictates the counter your lack of confidence. This is from the "I believe you-I don't believe you" — and that's not the point.

But there is something that you can do is let go of the past, use common sense and trust your heart depletes without love and attention, without skinny living and sincere emotions.

Stop to wait, to seek trust from the outside, again and again to be disappointed in life, feeding their "decent roommates" — start to give yourself, let small, but sincere portions, free of charge, as said the wise owl — eyes, smile, warmth, kind words, politeness, support, help, means a lot, find it acceptable for you!

And your heart again come to life, and soon will be your faithful, loyal ally and Advisor. Because you are constantly living in mistrust is skewed, and nature strives for balance.

Distrust can only be situational and grounded, and not reflexively static reaction on your past or part of your emotional background of life. Nothing has happened yet, and it is already in place — waiting...

Distrust comes and nourishes itself through you from a few basic roots:

you lied;

you lied;

— acquired, as imposed by someone else's worldview;

— or that the mixture of these three.

There are, however, and distrust himself, but he also has the source.

So, it does not matter what your nature — all that matters is your sincere desire to bring General cleaning in yourself and in your life, without the chaos and bustle, but with genuine zeal and faith.

Whatever happened to you, no matter what anyone has done to you, that's all — nothing more than experience that you can and should learn to understand, accept and continue on your way!

What's done is done, nothing can change, but you need to change what we have now. Otherwise, very soon in your home, in your world, your soul will be as Intrusive, annoying "roommates" that you will be cramped and uncomfortable in your own life. Or maybe, have become...


In Zen Buddhism there is a very good parable about the two monks, who were holding a long way from one monastery to another. Soon on their way to the monastery, in which they were headed, turned out to be stormy, but not a deep river, having waded that it was possible to get to the other side.

Not far from their trail, near the shore, stood a young girl, clearly frightened by the rapid flow of the river. One monk noticed her timidity, went up to her and silently took her in his arms and moved her across the Creek. Gently placing the girl on the other side, he also silently bowed in response to her gratitude, and both the monk continued on his long journey.

In the evening, at the gate of the monastery, the second monk could not stand it and with undisguised indignation all the way tormented him, turned to the monk who helped the girl:

— How could you do that?! How dare you violate the monastic vows?

The second monk looked puzzled at his friend and asked:

What do you mean? What did I break?

— Like what?! — already screamed the first monk, We are forbidden to touch a woman. And you're not just touched, — you suffered at the hands of her the river!

The monk laughed and said:

— I took the girl and left her there on the shore. And you continue to carry her... posted

© Tatiana Baruch

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Love... Today... Right Now...


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