Old games and toys

Toys and games - it is an integral part of human life.
Everyone starts to exist with certain toys, then it grows and new hobbies.
Let's talk about them ...

Yo-yo - this iconic toy of the 20th century.

The form that has reached our days, has developed a Filipino Pedro Flores. He did not come up with the design from scratch, and adapted the traditional toy of their homeland. Model liked children. In 1928 opened the first factory for the production of the yo-yo «Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company». Historians claim that a similar toy was invented in ancient Greece. This confirms the image made on antique vase. The picture shows a boy playing with a yo-yo. The unique vessel is kept in the museum of "Metropolitan" (New York, USA).

Roller skates
Many believe that the roller skates appeared in 1970. But this opinion is erroneous. The first recorded use of roller skates is dated 1743 year. Unfortunately, the name of the inventor is unknown. The first documented demonstration of roller skates with metal wheels took place in 1760. His creation presented by John Joseph Merlin. Developed design was flawed: the invention of the master was almost unmanageable.

Tabletop RPG
How long ago it was invented desktop RPG? Historians say that she "was born" in 1812. Using it in the Prussian army were taught the basics of military tactics. Officers were given a sheet of paper on which was printed design, to reproduce certain features of the landscape. The game used pieces, indicates a single soldier or entire military units. All fights are based on real battles.

Toys remote control
It is believed that the first remote-controlled toy appeared in 1960. But it is not. In 1898, Nikola Tesla visited the Exhibition of Inventions in Madison Square Garden, where he demonstrated a boat with remote control.

The Sims
The Sims We are all familiar with the computer game «The Sims» (2000). It is based on an older predecessor called «Little Computer People». This was the first computer game in the genre of simulation of life. In 1985, it released the company Activision for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum and Apple II.

According to one version, paintball originated in France back in 1878. At the time, the country suffered heavy losses during the colonization of North Africa. To debug all combat skills and tactics, Lieutenant Duroy came up with a new program melee. To do this, the engineer Gustave Reclus was invented weapons firing paint. In another version of this entertainment has arisen in the United States, which used colored tags for cattle on the ranch.

"Lila" - an ancient Indian board game. Unfortunately, the date of its occurrence is still a mystery. The first rules of the game described by Harish Johari (Harish Johari) in his book (1980). The basis of the "Lila" laid the philosophical concepts. It is believed that it is a tool for observing the laws of random events in my life.

Toy gun that simulates the sound of a shot
Toy gun that simulates the sound of a shot toy gun that simulates the sound of the shot, was designed before the US Civil War (1861-1865gg.). In 1859, these models began to let the company «J & E Stevens».

Monopoly "Monopoly" - a board game in the genre of economic strategy. It was developed by Charles Darrow in the midst of the Great Depression (1934). He showed his creation to representatives of the company Parker Brothers, that has not agreed to release the game on sale. Then Charles independently produced and sold 5000 copies of "Monopoly" in Philadelphia department store. Already in 1935 it became the best-selling game in America.

Duck hunting
Duck Hunt "Duck Hunt" - a game in which the controller acts as a light gun. The first prototype, called «Ray-O-Lite Rifle» appeared in 1936.

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