Where and how to die mobiles

I wonder what happens to your old or broken mobile phones? Responses to this question can be a whole lot. As the most interesting and exciting of them offer our readers a virtual trip to the "graveyard" of mobile phones from around the world, a place where phones or find a new life, or die.

In 2007, users from around the world has been thrown over half a billion mobile phones. And so what, well thrown, well, went tubing in a landfill? It seems to be paying attention to is not worth it. No one would have paid if the amount of useless mobile phones did not grow. Therefore, society has to look for ways to utilize these devices as long as they did not cause another environmental disaster. It is known that some handset makers are deploying a campaign to receive end-of-its vehicles for a fee. However, professionally engaged in this few companies. One of them - the largest US plant for recycling of old mobile phones ReCellular.

Each month, here come more than half of the tubes. First, they are sorted, tested. Interestingly, approximately 60% of all of these devices are efficient. They repaired and sent to the shelves of used machinery.

Devices that can not be recovered, sent to another plant - Sims Recycling Solutions, where unnecessary mobile iron is crushed and melted. The phone battery is usually removed, disposed of separately. Each month, Sims Recycling Solutions receives more than 12 tons of mobile garbage. This debris gets on the conveyor belt, and then to the crusher.


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