Fell, woke up, Plaster: Models on the catwalk

Not easy work model: not only that you have to pace yourself diets and daily exercise to not to gain a couple of extra kilos before the show, so still have to show the clothes in which it is difficult to move, and walk in the shoes, which is not that leg break, You can break your neck.

The most famous falling on the catwalk, which marked the beginning and the rest of the "model failures" Naomi Campbell was the fall in the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in 1993. "Black Panther" clattered to the floor from a height of extravagant 15-cm platform. Since the fall began to call on the podium in any way differently, but "to make Naomi».

Naomi is a kind of general "harbinger of the fall" in the world of high fashion. At this year's fashion show «Fashion for Relief», which is organized annually by Campbell at the Cannes Film Festival, on the legs could not resist "the hope of the world podium" Lindsay Vikson. Girl got lost in the lap of lush dress and fell. Model tried to save the situation: did not show, Lindsay got up, took two steps and fell again, rose and fell again for the third time!

Same consider suffered Agyness Dean on the same show «Fashion for Relief», organized by the same Naomi, but in the last year. Top Model paced the catwalk Burberry heels and stumbled, flew down. Catching his breath, Agnes rose, but then fell again. To get to the podium lively girl, nothing else to do but to remove the hated sandals and go behind the scenes of barefoot.

None of the professional models with years of experience are not immune to the falls. Beauty Jessica Stam on the show Chloe fell and struck his head. Swallowing tears, the girl got up and went behind the scenes under the standing ovation the audience.

Prada show in 2009 almost became the anthem of the fashion falls. Pacing at 15-centimeter heels, "suffered a wreck," as many as three models. Beauty requires sacrifice - in the literal sense of the word.

Victims of uncomfortable shoes and long dresses are not only professional models. Carmen Electra has fallen on the show Max Factor, which she arrived as a guest star. Apparently the podium was, indeed, very slippery, because the lady was trying to help Carmen rise, too collapsed to the floor.


And even Carrie Bradshaw - the master of wearing shoes with high heels - stretched out on the podium in an episode of "Sex and the City».

But Lady Gaga has paid for his love for super extreme shoes. An incident occurred in a London airport, where the singer did not appear in the comfortable sneakers and jeans, like all normal people, and in leather pants with a train and a 30-cm platform. Defiantly pacing past the slender rows of curious onlookers, Gaga sprained leg and collapsed to the floor.

Falling from a height of 10-inch heels or platforms looks funny, but often can cause injury - many models leave the podium with a sprained ankle, stretched muscles and numerous bruises.

Pretty model danced and whirled, but lost her balance and plunged into the pool.

And finally the most spectacular fashion 'video failures.


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