5 grand Indian melodramas

Bollywood Creation impossible not to love: What other films are so devoid of vulgarity, unwarranted anger and full of positive emotions? The Indian films, which still last for about 3 hours, still dancing, singing, they demonstrate the wonders of lofty feelings, and take care of the spiritual, not the material.

Indian movie - a real door into another world: a fair, light, music and full of love. And yes, it is not surprising that the article is not known for a long time "veterans" of Indian cinema. The author is sincerely trying to find the perfect, but not quite well-known paintings, which can become for you a pleasant and unexpected discovery.

1. "I am with you» (Main Hoon Na)

Both happy and sensual musical melodrama of 2004 - one of the best works of modern Bollywood. And if the "Zita and Gita" or "Disco Dancer" knows almost everyone, such a lovely bright film for some reason known only to a few.

In the film involved the best couple of Indian cinema Shahrukh Khan - Sushmita Sen, music is just perfect, as well as the love story of two generations of persons. The plot lies in the history of the Indian epic "Ramayana", which is very interesting interpreted with a modern twist.

2. "Love Test» (PREM KAHANI)

Retromelodrama piercing (the first in the history of Bollywood) tells the story of the war of India's independence, the choices of love. Love triangle, typical love stories from the '60s and' 70s, beautiful dialogues, beautiful and wise characters ... The film "Love Test" - a surprisingly logical for Indian cinema of those years and just fascinates with its beautiful picture and poetic aura.

Excellent choice for a quiet Sunday evening and gatherings with parents. And yet - an occasion for nostalgia for those times when the great Indian film reaches the cinemas of the USSR, and you will be delighted to run to buy the coveted ticket to the tale of 50 cents.

3. "Kal Ho Naa Ho?» (KAL HO NAA HO)

One of the major Indian romantic films about love was filmed recently, about 10 years ago. "Kal Ho Naa Ho?" Is well known among fans of Bollywood tapes and it is clear why: beautiful musical fairy tale in a new way filmed in New York City is full of emotions and real actors in it all as on selection.

Picture disappointed in everything about linear and her Indian family that lives a long time in America, about the Christmas wishes and "Angel," which moved sharply to the adjacent street with a girl, a good reason to cry, or to attach to the art lover of Indian cinema. So prepare handkerchiefs, ladies and gentlemen. And for the rivers of tears do not forget about the deep philosophical component picture - it is unusually strong. There is much to ponder.

4. "Veer-Zaara» (VEER-ZAARA)

Beautiful and content, and appearance melodrama looks just like an ode to the nobility, selflessness, honesty and true love. Only a desperate skeptic may not feel the wonderful history of the Pakistani and Indian girl Zara pilot Vir. Also, according to the witnesses, the picture has great medicinal properties and is very good for disappointment and partings. The painting has been recognized in many countries, the most touching and sensitive melodrama, and connoisseurs of Indian cinema claim that "this is the best film of all time."

5. "Om Shanti Om» (OM SHANTI OM)

While many of today's tape cut from Bollywood Hollywood patterns, "Om Shanti Om" looks real treasure. Director of the film is very nostalgically refers to the past of Indian cinema, so even in the picture in 2007 managed to create a stunning picture on the verge of the past and the future of the film industry of India. The film gently reminds viewers of the bright 70, all cherished dies Indian melodramas, happy spectacular, memorable music and unforgettable dance. Brilliant!


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