Rare natural phenomena, about which few people know: Part Two

Nature is too abundant to put descriptions of all its wonders in one post. Therefore, before you continued the list of incredible and amazing natural phenomena.

"Door to Hell": the burning crater in the Karakum Desert

Unique crater burns incessantly for almost 40 years.

Small in size funnel-failure opens the "door to hell," as the locals. Many people know it, but superstitiously afraid. Karakum desert (Karakum Garagum, "Black Sand") - a desert in the south of Central Asia, occupies most of the Turkmenistan.

"Miracle of Moses" - parted the sea in South Korea

The phenomenon of differences waters of the Yellow Sea between. Jindo about. Modo in South Korea. Yellow Sea - the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, which has small islands. Sometimes the water goes away, and between the islands 1-3 times a year, formed a small road, narrow and wet, which is again filled with water.

The length of the road about 2, 7 km away. It must be time to get over it until the water rose. Road width of 30-40 meters. However, raising the same happens second, and even those who are beginning to zastigat water have time to run to the end to another island. People hurry to dig up sea gifts and come here with bowls and scoops: digging mud sea, shells, crabs were collected, looking for valuable things - you never know, suddenly a treasure!

"Edge of the World" - two counter flow

Northernmost point of Denmark is known to many people around the world. Locals call it the "end of the world." The northernmost point of Denmark near the town of Skagen, a place where the two seas - the North Sea and the Baltic. People divide-share maritime borders, and here, and it is not necessary to share: all clear.

In addition, Cape Skagen - the warmest place in Denmark, a resort town. And here often tourists come to admire the bustling counter strip of water.

Desert "Black Rock" in Nevada, USA

Brightly-colored in bright shades of sandy slopes geysers decorated fountains bursting of watery vapor. Around victuals scenery, dry bed of an ancient river. Incredibly, stunningly beautiful!

Part of the geyser is a man-made origin. It is located 32 km from the town of Gerlach, and once in this place trying to drill a hole, and formed a geyser. Today it is surrounded by a high fence, and get there without the knowledge of the host fail. It is located in the town of Fly Ranch Todd Jessica. He offered to sell all the land, and he does not agree, and jealously guards his private miracle of nature. Incidentally, the photos look bright geyser in the processing, and it is quite normal looking.

Trees are covered with water

But I did not understand myself. What was it? Where was it? There is no description of the video, it is not clear the origin of man-made phenomenon, the natural right? But it looks impressive and scary. The trees one by one begin to go under water ...

Perhaps the formation of swirl due to the strong undercurrent that triggers the creation of a strong vortex, which has a powerful suction force. The greater the difference between the speed of the standing and moving water, the greater the vortex. A similar phenomenon is observed in many parts of the world, but the video where the water leaving the trees, just unique.

Snow rolls

In Idaho because of the strong wind on the plains lengthy formed here such boulders-rolls. They ride on the field or lie until melted.

Walking rocks in Death Valley, USA

The phenomenon, which is still not clear to anyone. Stones at the bottom of long-dry lake Reystrek Playa, behind which stretch marks, as if they are moving. It turns out that stones or someone shift (but what?) Or go by yourself (but how?).

Death Valley - intermountain trough near the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin in the western US state of California. People have already put the camera. Stones really moving. Slow but sure.

Green flash

A rare optical phenomenon in Scotland. After the solar disk disappears below the horizon, and above it there is light green and white spot. It is believed that the one who was lucky enough to see the "green light" will have good luck in life and love.

Coastal cappuccino (Cappuccino Coast)

The rare natural product of fantasy, which occurs in the clear waters of the coast. In fact it is a mixture of ingredients in the water: algae, the water, the sea foam and excreta. If the water is just dirty, too, foam is formed, but it was not like that. But when the water is clear - a dense foam with small bubbles. Often, this phenomenon can be found near Cape Town, South Africa.

Solar halo

The optical phenomenon that occurs around the light source. Usually there is a halo around the sun or moon due to the reflection of rays in cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km.

Undulating fog

Because of the barriers in the form of buildings on the coast of Panama City, FL, here are any clouds of mist, unusual, undulating. These photos were taken in 2012.

Marble iceberg

For the first time this iceberg like a piece of ice cream found in 2008. The striped pattern is caused by the fact that it has a layer of frozen algae, dirt rocks and frozen air bubbles. When the iceberg melts quickly, the air bubbles in the ice structure comes out, but when the moisture freezes, the structure is a more dense and dark bluish. And it turns blue layer. If during this time to the iceberg stuck to algae, the green layer is, as if the earth - brown. This lump of floating on the waters of the Antarctic.

And this iceberg found near Newfoundland in Canada.

To be continued ...


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