Little-known natural phenomena

We continue to be surprised that nature has prepared us. This is a continuation, and there is still the first and second part of the compilation.

Blue lava

In Indonesia, the islands of Kawah Ijen people saw flowing from the crater of blue lava. In fact, it turned out that it is leaving the sulfur dioxide, which by combustion forms a dense veil blue smoke, which is condensed from the high temperatures and flows down together with the lava. And in fact, this phenomenon is not so rare, just about it for some reason rarely spoken. The melting point of sulfur is less than the melting temperature of lava. And while the lava begins to flow, the sulfur has a river flows. And colors slopes in a beautiful shade.

Acid river Rio Tinto, Spain

As the acid in the water has not yet been eroded soil mystery. But the river Rio Tinto flowing and yet there. In this acidic environment, nothing survives, but the water itself is poisonous warning tone. Actually, poisonous river did not nature, and people. They are mined in the upper reaches of iron and copper, and the dregs of falling into the river, the water did wonderfully caustic and poisonous to all living things.

The river is 700 km. The origins of the river in the province of Huelva, Andalusia, said since the bygone era built up the first primitive mines. Global mining resources began in 1873. In Huelva (provinces), the river merges with the river estuary Odel and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. What's natural when people have created the phenomenon? And that, with all its acidic water is amazingly clear, as the beautiful stone.

By the way, it is considered the resort town of Huelva.

Pargely - sundog

Parghelia occur when the sun is low, there may be anywhere in the world. Parghelia are partly an offshoot of the halo phenomenon (solar rainbows). If the density of water crystals in the sky is high, the radius of the halo affect another crosswise and solar wheels. Get a picture of the three, or even five suns.

If the sun is reflected from the top (this kind of phenomenon is called a "false dawn"), the bottom can be seen now the sun, and from above, a radius of the halo - the second false.

Pargely in Moscow:

Along with Parghelia may appear antisolntse. This also reflected the second sun, but it is not visible in the disk halo, and on the opposite side of the horizon.

Ice tsunami

Sometimes the ocean currents allow ice to accumulate the coast. And on the motion of the water layer of ice begins to move. Those who hear and see it, they say that the sound of the ice like the sound of train wheels on rails, crashing metal scrap, while the sound of building collapse. Apparently, the phenomenon is really terrifying. Often, such a phenomenon occurs in Canada, and shoreline residents warned of a tsunami in advance so they have time to prepare.

The video recording accelerated ice flow, is even pose unpleasant.

Asphalt Lake

Pitch Lake in Trinidad and Tobago is a source of valuable resources. It was opened in 1595. On the surface of the earth fault follows the oil, which, congealing, forms the asphalt mass. Locals use the source as a quarry for the extraction of raw materials for the manufacture of corrosion of black paint, sealant, tape, rubber products, etc.

Growing Dune de Pyla

The most incomprehensible for people - it is the way go sand and stones. But that's just for us, civilized people, but the shamans of the north believe that the stones and sands communicate with spirits who live in other dimensions, and those of their move, increase, and the stones and sand may even multiply, like plants, but not in our space, and parents-stones "are walking" their children. Hence, the footprints in the sand, and other strange phenomenon is for us. But more to the point.

Sand dune in Europe is considered the largest in Europe. It is located along the Bay of Arcachon in France, 60 km from Bordeaux. The length of the dunes 500 meters wide (east-west), the desert is such a normal temperature. Dune is constantly expanding and growing in height (almost 110 meters above sea level). This natural phenomenon is especially nobody studied.

Fireworks Naga (lights Mekong)

For the first time they saw the fireworks over the Mekong River, which flows into Laos and Thailand, hence the name. People thought for a long time (yes I think now) that these releases were naked lights, the dragon-man, guardian of the river. No they did not study and did not know what it is, if judged from the point of view of physics. Presumably it splashes suspensions of gas, but why are they such a form?

These lights appear regularly on the river every year. They are similar to chicken eggs. Rises above the water (from the river) and disappear after a while. Often they appear in October, during the holiday Pavaran. In honor of the appearance of balls, people spend the festival, and the phenomenon regularly collects hundreds of tourists in the city of Nong Khai.

Light poles

The phenomenon is produced due to the fact that the light source is reflected in the hardening vertically above the ground water crystals. The pillars are formed in cold weather, mainly in layers of cirrus clouds. Then they reflect the sun, the moon, or any other light source.

Geyser "Witches well»

It looks unremarkable well in Estonia. It is located in the town of Tuhala 30 km from Tallinn. Every three to five years from the well water begins to flow at a rate of 100 liters per minute. Sometimes the water has a fountain, and the height of the jet up to 1, 5-2 meters. Why is this natural geyser has the sequence of eruption, also not yet been studied.

Antisumerechnye rays

The optical phenomenon that occurs very rarely, when the sun sets. Unlike conventional crepuscular rays that arise around the setting sun, they appear in front of the setting sun in the west, that is - on the east.


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