Euro - 2012: they are not in the playoffs

On the eve of the finals of European Football Championship, we decided to make a small analytical overview of the participating teams are not caught in the playoffs. Who was the discovery of who and general disappointment which accompanied particular game.

Let's start with the worst team of the tournament - the Republic of Ireland. In an average game, Irish missed three goals. In all three lost the match managed to score only once.

By the way, Giovanni Trapatoni, head coach, became the oldest coach in the finals of my 73 years.

The best player on the team is called the defender Sean St Ledger. He managed to play in defense and scored the only goal of the team.

But the disappointment was probably "Spartak" Aiden McGeady running back all three games, so anything and not to score. Even the "yellow card".

Open Championship became fans. Even when the score 0: 4 they continued to praise his team, easily blocking their fans hymns opponent.

If the Irish had nothing to wait too much, the Netherlands have disappointed the most. The team, which has even sat on the bench of world-class stars, for the first time in history has never managed to win.

The best player of the tournament, even do not dare someone call. But perhaps it was the Rafa van der Vaart from the "Spurs". It was his appearance on the field gave at least some constructive in the game "orange".

Worst player without talking is to determine Arjen Robben, who is still in the "Bavaria" at the end of the season, he started to pull the "blanket", so, apparently, still not warmed up.

Upcoming tournaments had become the youngest player of the tournament - Jetro Willems (right in the photo), but mark it with something other than periodic failures on the wing, it is difficult.

On the Russian national team fans still can not remember without profanity. Enchanting start against the Czechs, probably too relaxed team.

The best player of the tournament, we decided to call Alan Dzagoev. Still, "CSKA" scored three goals in the tournament, although sometimes replayed itself.

In the worst player no doubt - this is Alexander Kerzhakov. Jokes about the number of attacks "Zenit" wide, still in great popularity, and the British have even invented a new verb to strike went wide - to kerzhakov. I missed - to kerzhakoved.

Upcoming tournaments we decided to call the Dutchman Dick Advocaat. It turns out, for the disastrous performance in the final part, you must pay the coach EUR 7 million salary.

We now turn to the neighbors of Russians - the Ukrainian team. On the rights of the owners of the tournament, from the Ukraine expected more. Although moments, the team showed a very nice football.

The best player of the tournament we thought Andriy Shevchenko. Let his "gun" fired only in the match with the Swedes, but a focus on the gate and technology we have not seen for a long time by Sheva. He's gone, but he will be remembered for a long time.

Clearly the worst in the tournament to determine heavily, but is said to be that of Andriy Voronin. So far, "Dynamo" got an impressive portion of the trust from Blokhin, but never confirmed it with his play. On the field Andrew just disappeared.

Open Championship has become a very reliable and smooth game "Dynamo" Yevgeny Khacheridi (left in the photo). Also worth noting is that the "Cross" is completely held emotions to yourself, that in itself is drawn to the opening :)

Neighbours on a group of Ukrainians, the Swedes, led by Zlatan showed real football in both games against the favorites. And if the British did beat the Scandinavians, the French gave them unmotivated initiative completely.

Whatever said and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (left in the photo) can rightly be regarded as the best player of the team. Remember how hard it was to take away his ball. Oh, and do not forget that Ibra has taken part in all five Scoring draw commands (3 scored and gave 2 assists).

Disappointed biggest appearance on the field Johan Elmander. More precisely, his toothless games. That player a couple of years ago in the national team was called one of the most dangerous for the defense.

Upcoming tournaments became Kim Kellstrem (above all), the player, "Lyon" is not effaced before Zlatan charisma and was one of the best players of the national team in the group stage.

Polish team as another mistress of the tournament, showed a very meaningful football, if a little close eye on the match against the Czechs. Frame was not whipping boys clearly.

Błaszczykowski Cuba became the sole leader of the team. He scored and led the team forward. In general, Dortmund "Borussia" can be proud of his players.

Disappointment of the tournament was "departure" from the base Wojciech Szczesny. "Gunner" was to lead the team forward its confident game, but as a result, received a red card and watched the rest of the tournament from the stands.

But the discovery was his understudy - Przemysław Tytoń. Coming instead of remote "Londoner", he took a leap and the first saved a penalty, to inspire partners to do great things.

It was very pleasant to watch all the matches against Denmark, which is probably just unlucky to get into the "group of death". Nevertheless, they took and beat the formidable Dutch in the first match.

The best player of the final stage recognize Nicklas Bendtner. After a sluggish season in the "Sunderland", the Dane literally broke out that same star, which a few years ago were given delicious advances.

The worst player can be called Simon Kjaer, but we will select his partner Daniel Agger, more was expected of him.

The opening of the tournament was Michael Krohn-Delhi (left in the photo), the re-return to the team which has become a pleasant surprise for all fans of football. Along with Bendtner, was the best in the system goal + pass, scoring two goals and giving one assist.

The last in the list of losers, we have decided to recall the national team of Croatia. Team Slaven Bilic was worthy exit in the playoffs almost more than all the others. That only is raskupka half of the Croats. But to compete with the Spaniards and the Italians it is not on the shoulder.

The best player of the tournament, we define Mario Mandžukić (on their feet), which, during the tournament has moved from "Wolfsburg" in the "Bavaria" and managed to score three goals in the goal.

Disappointment of the tournament was the most expensive player in Croatia - Luka Modric. With this value, the player, "Spurs" could show more meaningful football.

The opening of the Euro - 2012 in the team, we decided to call the defense of Frankfurt "Eintracht Frankfurt" - Gordon Schildenfeld (left in the photo). His "wall" has repeatedly saved the Croats from the poignant moments at the gate.

Photo by Reuters

Tomorrow we will take a closer look all the participants of the playoffs, do not fall into the final.


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