Iliana Vera - Ballerina Plus Size, to prove that all of the Body Beautiful

Iliana Vera (Iliana Vera), better known on the Internet as «Frostine Shake», from Austin, Texas, started practicing classical ballet to 6 years. But she was forced to give up their favorite activity in 17 years because of the pressure of teachers, who hammered in the girl's head the idea that all ballerinas must be thin. Since then, Iliana went in with his head Burlesque where she looks like she wants and acts including dance shows in them elements of classical ballet. At the same time it does not forget to publish your Instagram profile photos of their delicious forms. Let's take a look at this beautiful girl, who did not want to cave in under standards and chose his path in life.

< Meet the makeup artist and model Iliana Vera


Iliana graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in fashion design in the field of

Iliana started practicing ballet since the age of 6


But in the 17 years she was forced to leave the ballet because of the pressure of teachers, who repeated her ballerina must necessarily be thin


"I started taking ballet lessons at the age of 6 or 7 years, and continued to deal with it up to 16 or 17", - said Iliana

"I'm not that she could not meet the needs of my mentors, in fact I just did not want to do it»


However, in 18 years Iliana discovered burlesque, which went head

"I began to study the different types of dances that allowed me to express themselves in the body positively. A burlesque, I was able to express his love for dance, art, music and fashion »


And thanks to long studies ballet, Iliana could include elements of classical ballet during his performances


Iliana asked a few of his childhood friends who have become teachers of ballet, teach her a few lessons, in order to refresh the forgotten memories "They helped me to refresh my skills, which allowed me to continue at its own pace," - said the girl

"I like the skills and discipline necessary to perform the ballet»

"Most of their postures, hand movements and gestures I borrowed from ballet. It gives me a sense of power and elegance »


Council of young dancers from Iliana, "If you love ballet, you do not give up and continue to deal with them, but if your interests change suddenly - this is normal»


"If you want to become a soloist, then do not give up, as I did. But do not forget to put their dignity and beliefs to the fore »

Thus, Iliana was able to combine his two passions into one

"Dancing helps me feel alive, and I do my best to make this kind of art fair, include the love of his body»


It's hard not to love your body, when it has such great shape

During burlesque performances and Pin-up girl-shoots Iliana had time to try an infinite number of images


Iliana was able to prove that all the body beautiful


And for those who think differently from Iliana also has a response

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