Set by Dita Von Teese for boudoirs

Starry representative liqueur Cointreau Dita Von Teese has created for the holidays to "their" brand cocktail set Cointreau Cocktail Coffret. The glamorous soft pink box hidden bottle of drink, two glasses and a small cocktail shaker. As conceived by the creator, this set should organically fit into the female boudoir. In its style it resembles a box for storage of jewelry: soft silk upholstery, elegant patterns, lockable drawers that can be opened a little golden key. «Cointreau Cocktail Coffret is perfect for the boudoir, giving women around the world the opportunity to decorate the most intimate moments of a cocktail with Cointreau», - says the creator. Sounds, of course, beautiful, but gives the hidden alcoholism. New products will be sold exclusively at London department store Selfridges and costs 199 pounds.


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