Jubilee Virgin Atlantic

To celebrate a decade of flights from London to Las Vegas airline Virgin Atlantic has attracted the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese. Figure gothic diva style airbrushing times World War II appeared at one of the company's aircraft. A few days ago the president of Virgin Richard Branson and Dita ustroilifotosessiyu at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to present a new image of the liner. Von Teese, known by not resorting to the services of stylists, appeared in a red body with a corset, fishnet stockings, red shoes by Christian Louboutin and cloak in the form of the British flag. As he admitted later model, most of all she is proud that lasted heels throughout the event and pereobulsya into something more comfortable. Last year, Branson on the wing of the plane photographed with Kate Moss. Then Virgin Atlantic celebrated its 25th anniversary in London's Heathrow Airport.


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