The world's oldest champagne

In July 2010, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea near the Aland Islands was found 75 bottles are believed to be the oldest champagne in the world. Experts say that it tastes like a mixture of mushrooms with honey. Some found the bottles belong to the French wine house "Veuve Clicquot", while the remaining emblem of Juglar. Apparently this champagne directed to St. Petersburg for the Russian Imperial Court. It is believed that the price of bottles of wine house "Veuve Clicquot" may amount to about 68 thousand dollars per bottle.

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The manager of the museum of Åland Vivek Loendal demonstrates champagne, raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Prior to that, the most seasoned champagne in the world is a sparkling wine company Perrier-Jouet, stored since 1825.

In the photo a glass of champagne 200 years.

Swedish expert Richard Julin tastes a 200-year-old champagne.



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