By Mansory White Ghost

Known tyunerskoe Bureau Mansory presented his own version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. His offspring are called White Ghost. Alteration undergone not only appearance of the car, but also its "filling". British aristocratic appearance of the car tuners inject more sportiness. The visual transformation is achieved through the new front and rear bumpers, air intakes in the front wings, boot lid spoiler on the roof, additional LED running lights and stylish polished to a high gloss 22-inch wheels, "shod" in tires Dunlop SP SportMaxx. Shop Rolls-Royce luxury leather trimmed with Alcantara inserts and bamboo. seats, door panels, and a torpedo equipped with LED lighting, creates a pleasant lighting in the car. In addition to the visible changes, has undergone a serious alteration and chassis. Engine power is increased from 570 to 638 hp Thanks to the strong motor, the car is dispersed to hundred for 4, 5. Top speed is equal to 290 km / h. The cost of the upgrade is € 119 800. This is without taking into account the cost of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The number of cars White Ghost will be limited to three instances.


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