Rolls-Royce has become a model for Hedi Slimane

popular photographer and fashion designer Hedi Slimane chose as a model for its regular shooting Rolls-Royce. As admitted Slimane, he fell in love with an English automotive brand still in the age of six. However, while he was still too young to drive a car. At that age Slimane could only again and again to sketch the outlines of precious car. Subsequently, his children's art Exercise influenced his work, when he became the creative director of Dior Homme. Love of aristocratic British car ceased to be platonic, and Slimane has got two Rolls-Royce. Photos Hedi Slimane for Dazed Digital has become a long-term expression of this love. By vnimatelnsti to detail, it becomes clear just how warm feelings nourish Slimane to Rolls-Royce.


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