Five laws of stupidity

The first law States: people always underestimate the number of idiots who surround him. Sounds like a vague banality and snobbery, but life proves it so.

No matter how you judge people, you will constantly be faced with the following situations:

  • the man who always seemed intelligent and rational, is incredible idiot;

  • fools all the time occur in the most unexpected places at the wrong time to ruin your plans

The first law keeps me from the temptation to quantify the proportion of fools in the society, it would still be an understatement. So just let's denote it by the letter G.

Modern trends of Western culture, which is considered the most progressive, based on the egalitarian approach to life. Everyone likes to think that all people off the line at some technologically perfect plant equal, and if one of them is more equal than others, it is due to upbringing, not his nature.

I must be the exception. Years of observations and experiences confirmed my belief that people are not equal, some are stupid, others are not, and this quality is laid by nature, and not cultural factors. The man is a fool as well as he is red or has the first blood group. He was born in Providence, if you want.

The second basic law of stupidity is:

The probability that a person is stupid is independent of its other qualities.

Here nature has outdone themselves. It is well known that it clearly provides the frequency of some phenomena. Regardless of geographic location, level of development, civilization and race of parents, the ratio of boys to girls among newborns is a constant, always a very slight preponderance of boys. It is unknown how nature achieves this, but for this it is necessary to handle large numbers. Same story with the number of G — share of fools in any group is maintained, regardless of the size of the group.

Education has nothing to do with probability G. This was confirmed by numerous experiments in universities on five groups: students, office workers, maintenance personnel, administration staff and teachers. When I analyzed the group of low-skilled employees, the number G was larger than I expected (First law), and I chalked it up to social conditions: poverty, segregation, lack of education. But climbing higher on the social ladder, the same ratio I saw among white-collar workers and students. Even more impressive was to see the same number of G among the professors — I had a small College or a large University, the same proportion in G of teachers were fools. I was so amazed with the results that he decided to conduct an experiment over intellectual elite — Nobel laureates. The result confirmed the superpowers of nature: G winners was a fool.

The idea, which expresses the Second law, it is difficult to accept, but numerous experiments confirm its concrete case. Feminists will support the Second law, because it says that dur among women no more than fools among men. Residents of third world countries be comforted by the fact that developed countries are not so developed. Insights from the Second law scare: will you rotate in British high society or move to Polynesia, having made friends with the local headhunters; sharpen if you find yourself in a monastery or spend the rest of your life in casino surrounded by sales women, you will have to face the same amount of idiots that (the First law) will always exceed your expectations.

The third law implies that all people are divided into 4 groups: simple (P), clever (At), bandits (B) and fools (G).

If Peter is taking action, which bears the losses and benefits Vasya, it refers to the suckers (area P). If Peter does something that benefits him and Bob, he's a smart guy, because he acted cleverly (area). If the actions Petit bear him a benefit, and Bob suffers from them, Peter — bandit (zone B). And finally, Peter-a fool is in zone G, in the negative zone on both axes. About this case, and says the Third law:

The fool — the man whose actions lead to losses for another person or group of people, and thus do not benefit most current subject or even turn into harm to him.

The frequency distribution

Most people do not act consistently and continuously in the same area. Under the influence of some circumstances, the same Peter acts like a wise guy, under the oppression of others — as a simpleton or a thug. The only exception are fools: they are in the zone G is far more common than in all other zones. Any person on the basis of the analysis of his actions, can be placed somewhere on this graph: it will be there, where will most of his administration. Therefore, it is possible to make interesting conclusions about fools and bandits.

The perfect bandit is one who causes other people harm, is equivalent to their own benefit. The most simple example of theft: a thief stole from you a thousand rubles, without causing other damage. He caused you harm in a thousand, and brought me the profit in the same thousand: the perfect thug. On the chart it will be placed on the diagonal of Ω, which symmetrically divides the area B in half. Perfect bandits in life are rare, each of them usually misses or B1, or B2.

The bandits of the region B1 are those whose actions have brought them the most profit, compared to losses of other people. For example, the robber who kills the insured money from the Bank, not injuring in this case, employees and customers. The bandits from B1 the smarter the closer they are to the right of the x-axis. In life is also a little. In life the majority of criminals belong to the region B2. For example, a mugger who kills you in an alley for the sake of thousands of rubles to take my wife to a club.

The frequency distribution of fools is fundamentally different from the distribution of the bandits. The bandits are distributed throughout the area, while most fools be concentrated in the area straight along the Y-axis, which goes from point O and going down. They are constantly causing harm to others solely because of their stupidity, for no particular benefit or harm. There are surgury, which are harmful to themselves and to others. They will be located in area G to the left of the y-axis.

The power of foolishness

It is not difficult to imagine the extent of the damage which can cause fools, getting in the managerial bodies and with political and social powers. But we should also clarify what exactly makes a stupid threat.

Stupid people are dangerous because rational people can hardly imagine the logic of irrational behavior. An intelligent person is able to understand the logic of a bandit, because the bandit is rational — he only wants to get more benefits and at the same time not smart enough to earn them. Bandit predictable, because against him it is possible to build protection. To predict the actions of a fool cannot, he will harm you without reason, without purpose, without a plan, in the most unexpected place, at the wrong time. You have no way to know when an idiot will strike. In a confrontation with a fool a clever person gives himself completely to the mercy of the fool, a random creation without clear rules nerd.

Attack the fool is usually surprised.

Even when the attack becomes apparent, it is difficult to defend because it has no rational structure.

This is what Schiller wrote: "Against stupidity even the gods are powerless".

Simpletons from the area of P is usually not able to recognize the danger of fools from the zone G, which is not surprising. Amazing what fools also underestimate the pundits and bandits. In the presence of a fool they relax and enjoy their intellectual superiority, instead of to urgently mobilize and to minimize the damage when a fool tries anything.

A common stereotype — that the fool only harms himself. No. Not to be confused fools with helpless simpletons. Never enter into an Alliance with fools, imagining that can use them for your gain, if you do, then obviously you don't understand the nature of stupidity. So you provide fool field where he can roam and cause more damage.

The fourth law says:

Non-fools always underestimate the destructive potential of fools. In particular, not-fools constantly forget that you have to deal with a fool, any time, anywhere and under any circumstances — is to commit an error that will cost in the future.

Now instead of assessing individual benefit rate the benefit of society as a whole. Consider it in the context of the mathematical sum of the States of individuals. It is important an absolute understanding of the Fifth law, the most famous and most quoted:

The fool — the most dangerous type of person.


A fool is more dangerous than a bandit.

The result of the action of a perfect bandit — a simple transition of wealth from one person to another. Society as a whole neither cold nor hot. If all members of this society was the ideal bandits, it would be quiet rotted, but the disaster would not have happened. The whole system would be reduced to a transfer of wealth in favor of those who undertakes for this action, and because the ideal bandits would be all the system would enjoy stability. It is easy to see that in any country where the authorities are corrupt, and citizens to constantly bypass the laws.

When the scene fools, the picture changes completely. They deal damage, without removing the benefits. The good are destroyed, society is impoverished.

The actions of people, which are located on the chart in the right-upper region of the line RUM, add wealth to society. The actions of people from the left-bottom half — take them. In other words, all the pundits, and intellectuals-innocents (P1) and the stupid criminals (B1), benefits to society, albeit in a different size. And all the stupid criminals (B2) and stupid simpletons (P2) increase the scale of the destruction caused to the society fools.

In accordance with the Second law of fools in a prosperous society is not less than the decaying, and it is a mistake to think otherwise. The difference between successful and stagnating society is that in a poor society:

Not fools fools gave greater freedom of action; and

In the area of non-fools, there is a gradual decrease in the number of wise men, intellectuals, simpletons and stupid bandits. Proportionately growing share of stupid simpletons and stupid bandits.

History confirms that in any period the country is progressing when in power is enough smart people to keep active fools and not let them destroy what the pundits made. In regressing a country of fools as much, but the apex of a rise in the share stupid bandits, and the rest of the population is naive simpletons. This change of situation invariably increases the destructive consequences of the actions of fools and the whole country is going to hell.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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