Transparent car will go under the hammer

Transparent planes - it is the distant future, but the transparent machines - has already passed stage of technical evolution. For auction Pontiac Plexiglas Deluxe 1939, became the first car with a perspex box, made in America. Thanks to its distinctive trim, you can examine in detail the device of a vehicle. While plexiglass just appeared on the market and tried to adapt a wide variety of needs. This car - the result of the next experiment. In a series of transparent Pontiac were not going to let it be used only as a demonstration model, which is carried in all the world's scientific and technical exhibition. In the early 40's the price "Pontiac ghost" was $ 25 000. In July transparent car sold at RM Auctions. Trade organizers hope to gain for an unusual car about 275-475 thousand dollars.


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