"The machine-ghost"

Transparent Pontiac Deluxe Six, which blog PoshSpace said earlier this month, sold at auction RM Auctions for $ 308 000. This car is unique in that its body cavity is made of Plexiglas, so see the insides of the machine. Because of its shape Plexiglas Pontiac earned the nickname "ghost car". Transparent Pontiac Deluxe Six was built by General Motors specifically to the World's Fair in New York 1939-40. In a series of transparent Pontiac were not going to let it be used only as a demonstration model. In the early 40's the price "Pontiac ghost" was $ 25 000. The estimate of the lot was $ 275 to $ 475 thousand., So that the "ghost" has not held on to the top plate. But the fact that the car is sold above the lower limit - too bad.


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