Lefty Hollywood

August 13 the world celebrates International Day of left-handers. For a long time it was thought to be a lefty wrong, but after much research, scientists have concluded that left-handers have greater creativity and better abilities to the humanities and the arts. With these inclinations direct road to acting or music career! Some representatives of Hollywood is usually confirmed by example. Here is a selection of 10 actors and actresses, left-handedness which, perhaps, was the original impetus for the meteoric career in film.

10. Cara Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker is also a southpaw. This, incidentally, can be seen in moments of episodes of the series "Sex and the City" when the heroine Sarah Jessica writes something in a notebook!

9. Bruce Willis
Die Hard and Demi Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis - one of the representatives of the Hollywood lefties.

8. Charlie Chaplin
Silent film genius who became a legend in spite of the intervening years, not to take creativity!

7. Julia Roberts
Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is also in the "detachment" of left-handers. Looking at her ability to transform and get used to the role, you can not doubt her talent.

6. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman as a child was also left-handed. However, the actress learned to write with his right hand specifically for their roles. For that just did not go for a career of actress!

5. Robert De Niro
Hollywood film legend Robert De Niro is also left-handed. But in some movies he still wrote his right hand. Apparently, as Nicole has become retrained for the role.

4. Lisa Kudrow
The List for the famous lefties listed and Lisa Kudrow. Moreover, before the start of his acting career, she was engaged in research cluster headache, namely the link between left-handedness and the disease.

3. Jennifer Lawrence
The young star of "The Hunger Games" is also left-handed. Fans spotted this at a press conference, when she held a glass of water with his left hand. Autographs Star also handed out his left hand.

2. Marilyn Monroe
One of the most popular blondes of the XX century also favored to do everything with his left hand. Her creativity embodied not only in cinema but also in lifestyle and became a catch phrase.

1. Angelina Jolie
One of the most beautiful and sought-after actresses in Hollywood is also a southpaw. This becomes a problem for her understudy extreme scenes - they have to learn to be a lefty to work in the film.


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